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6 Ingredients for Standout Appeals 

November 3, 2015

By: Caryn Stein

Use these six ingredients to break through the noise and inspire your donors to give generously.… Read More

How to Get More from Your Story 

October 26, 2015

By: Caryn Stein

Maximize your stories for your year-end fundraising campaigns with these tips.… Read More

7 Donor Communication Mistakes to Avoid this December (and all year round) 

October 21, 2015

By: Caryn Stein

Steer clear of these missteps that might send your supporters the wrong message this giving season.… Read More

Create a Fundraising Plan: Defining Fundraising Metrics 

October 16, 2015

By: Barbara O'Reilly, CFRE

The great management theory guru Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets improved.” In my last couple of blog posts, I talked about how to blend realism with aspiration to grow your fundraising efforts. You can read the previous blog posts here. The final stage of putting together your annual fundraising … Read More

Your #GivingTuesday Questions, Answered 

October 14, 2015

By: Emily Wang

Make this #GivingTuesday your best yet! Kick off your year-end fundraising with our tools, training and matching funds. It doesn’t matter if your organization has 2 staff members or 200, you can raise money on #GivingTuesday and we can help. Free #GivingTuesday resources are available to all nonprofits through Networ… Read More

6 Steps to More Money, Stronger Relationships, and Greater Job Satisfaction (Steps 1–3) 

October 14, 2015

By: Nancy Schwartz

We’ve all been there: delighted to meet someone with whom we connect and have so much to talk about. I got that buzz last week when I guided NAVREF fundraisers (aka executive directors) to use right-things, right-now marketing to advance their goals. Their organizations—based in VA hospitals all over the country—… Read More

What You Can Learn from 5 Stellar #GivingTuesday Campaigns 

October 13, 2015

By: Liz Ragland

Learn from these success stories from top performing Network for Good customers. … Read More

Your 6-Step #GivingTuesday Game Plan 

October 7, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

What’s your plan for #GivingTuesday? If you haven’t started prepping, today is the perfect day to begin. In our Nonprofit 911 webinar Get Ready for #GivingTuesday, Caryn Stein, vice president of communications and content at Network for Good, shared a wealth of great tips and strategies for this annual event. Here … Read More

Create a Fundraising Plan: Setting Your Course 

October 1, 2015

By: Barbara O'Reilly, CFRE

I’ve never described myself as a runner, which is why it was a total surprise to my friends and family (and even myself) when I started running 5Ks last year. I used to “run” occasionally, but nowhere in the league of runners who put in many more miles than I did and still do each… Read More

How to Have Your Best December Ever 

September 28, 2015

By: Caryn Stein

Are you ready for the best year-end fundraising season you've ever had? These steps are crucial.… Read More

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