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Checklist: How to End Your Fiscal Year Strong

Meeting your financial goals is possible. With the end of the fiscal year approaching on June 30 for many nonprofits, now is a good time to get in gear, make a list, and start checking things off.

Download our End of Fiscal Year To-Do List for detailed steps on how to get your fundraising activities and development budget in order before July.

Six Steps to End Your Fiscal Year in the Clear

  1. Review your fundraising plan to see if you’re on target.
  2. Launch one last fundraising campaign to raise funds before June 30.
  3. Review major donor pledges, and your notes from major donor meetings and conversations.
  4. Review pledges and board giving commitments.
  5. Invest any remaining funds before the end of the fiscal year.
  6. Thank your donors.

Looking to make one final push before June 30? Use Network for Good’s fundraising software to run one of these easy-to-execute campaigns.

3 Last-Minute Fundraising Campaign Ideas

Online Giving

You don’t have time to wait for the post office. Skip that direct mail campaign and launch a fiscal year-end email appeal. Connect to your branded online giving page for immediate results. Write a compelling story featuring someone your organization has helped. Pull a segmented list of donors to target, and tailor your appeal to each segment for greater personalization. Link directly to your branded donation page that reflects the same message featured in your appeal.


The power of social media combined with the ease of online giving has contributed to the rise in popularity of peer-to-peer fundraising in recent years. Leverage your network of loyal donors, supporters, staff, and board, and empower them to fundraise on your behalf.  Choose 5-10 supporters to serve as peer fundraisers. Provide them with everything they need for emails and social media posts. Actively engage them during the campaign, and celebrate their successes.

Lapsed Donors

Reach out to donors who haven’t given a gift in the past 12 months. Use your donor management system to create a list of these donors, and look into their giving history. Specifically reaching out to lapsed donors with an appeal message that relates to their past giving history can reignite their interest in your organization.

The best way to successfully end your fiscal year is to plan for it. Whether you’re ahead of schedule or feeling a little behind, our End of Fiscal Year To-Do List can put your mind at ease. Just like dad would.

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