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Delight Donors: Thank Yous + Donor Relations Wins

Last month’s post, 10 Thank Yous That Delight Donors, sparked many conversations about how to thank donors. Because this is such an important topic (and the first step in creating a positive long-term relationship with your donors), I wanted to offer even more ideas on how to thank your donors. That’s why I’m happy to share The Donor Thank You Mini-Guide.

The Donor Thank You Mini-Guide

Download your own copy, share it with your team, and start planning a 2015 that starts with getting stellar thank yous in donors’ hands. Did you send a thank you that wowed donors? Please share it with us! Your organization could be featured in our blog and newsletter.

But, don’t stop there!

Thanking donors is just one part of your donor relations and retention strategy. Be sure to focus some of your efforts on creating an overall plan to keep the donor love alive. Here are some resources to help you go beyond the thank you:

  • I highly recommend bookmarking Donor Love Part One and Two from Nancy Schwartz. Nancy explains why it’s important to R-E-S-P-E-C-T your donors. Her suggestions include creating a donor advisory board and listening to donors’ wants even when they aren’t what you want.

  • If you aren’t a Donor Relations Guru Blog subscriber, you should be. Lynne Wester gives specific examples of missteps in donor relations and ideas on how to avoid going down a wrong path. All her work is grounded in her four pillars of donor relations (which she just wrote a book about!).

  • Have you ever considered “upgrading” donors into a monthly giving program? Our own Caryn Stein is presenting a Nonprofit911 webinar on Tuesday, February 10th and will discuss recurring giving best practices and how donor retention rates can be greatly improved with a monthly giving program.


 And since showing gratitude is just a great practice in general: THANK YOU for reading The Nonprofit Marketing Blog!


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