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3 Ways to Use Your Donor Database to Prioritize Your Outreach

Getting Ready for Your Fundraising Plan

Boosting donors to the next level of giving is key to sustainable fundraising. But where to begin? Who are your best prospects? We learned a few simple ways to prioritize your donor portfolio from Rachel Muir in our webinar Turn Year-End Donors into Year-Round Supporters. Here’s how to mine your data to target your ask more effectively. (Not sure you have the right tools to manage your donor data? Check out our donor database software.)

  1. donor-database-previewAnalyze Past Giving

Dive into your donor database software and start looking at your donors’ giving patterns. This step alone will give you some great leads to begin your cultivation efforts.

  • Who has given the most? This includes cumulative donations as well as big individual gifts.
  • Who is the most loyal? Look for years of annual donations or recurring gifts.
  • Who upgraded, such as a making a larger annual gift or switching to monthly donations?
  • Who downgraded their gift? You might target this group with a survey to find out why.
  1. Look at Cumulative Donations

Prioritize donors by cumulative amounts rather than one-time gifts. If you define a major donor as someone who has given $1,000, for example, your list will include donors who are giving a total of $1,000 over time, not just a single donation at that amount. This is where you clearly see how cultivating recurring gifts makes a nice impact on your fundraising efforts.

  1. Examine Behavioral Data

We have access to a lot of behavioral data from our donors. Donations tell part of the story, but your most loyal supporters might not be giving a lot or at all—yet! Take a look at your email data, social channel insights, and real-world interactions.

  • Who’s reading your newsletter? What links are they clicking?
  • Who’s watching your videos?
  • Which donors like your Facebook page or consistently share your posts and tweets?
  • Who attends your events or volunteers? Do they bring friends?

Many actions can indicate a person’s appetite to engage more deeply with your organization. Mine that donor data regularly, because all those engagements reveal the people who love you the most and will be the most responsive to your fundraising needs.

For more great tips on building long-term donor relationships, download the archived webinar presentation Turn Year-End Donors into Year-Round Supporters.

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