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The Benefits of .ngo and .ong: Q&A with Enset’s Jeri Curry

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Have you heard about the new .ngo and .ong domains? Read my Q&A with Enset’s Jeri Curry and find out more about these new domain names and how they could impact your nonprofit’s credibility.

What’s the big deal about the new .ngo & .ong domains? Why are they important?

Jeri Curry: The .ngo and .ong domains are important because they are the only dedicated online space for validated non-profits organizations in a crowded digital world. The domains provide instant credibility to organizations who want to join a movement that is promoting increased accountability, transparency, and connections in the communities they serve and the potential donors they seek.

Friends of Network for Good receive 20% off with coupon code NETWORKFORGOOD.  Visit to register your new .ngo domain.

What are differences among the .com, .org, .ngo, and .ong domain names?

JC: Anyone can register for a .com or .org domain name. While .org will maintain its place in the social good sector, it is not a validated domain and is open to all organizations and people. In contrast, only validated non-profits can register the .ngo and .ong domains. As a result, there is a mix of non-profit and for-profit entities using the .org and .com domains.

What if my organization’s been around for a long time. Will changing our domain make it hard for supporters to find us? 

JC: Actually, having .ngo and .ong domains makes it easier for long-standing organizations like yours to be found online. Increased online presence means more opportunities to strengthen your organization’s brand, improve SEO rankings, and drive visibility to your website.

Many organizations elect to register the .ngo and .ong domains and then redirect these domains to their current .org domain address until they are ready to make the switch to their new validated domain or to establish an additional online presence.

Organizations with a well-established .org domain in place can either redirect traffic from .org to .ngo and .ong or use the .ngo and .ong domains for specific audiences or campaigns as a complement to their current website.

What else should a small to medium sized non-profit know about .ngo & .ong?

JC: All non-profits, regardless of size or geographical location, should know that having .ngo & .ong domains gives them access to dedicated online space available only to credible and validated non-profits. This validation is an integral part of maintaining transparency, promoting accountability, and building stronger relationships across sectors.

It’s also important for non-profits to know that Enset is the only non-profit registrar of domains. We do not just provide technical assistance, we strive to advance the missions of NGOs around the world and strengthen civil society through digital tools like OnGood and support specifically designed for non-profits.

What’s the OnGood community and how will it benefit my organization?  

JC: OnGood is an exclusive suite of online services revolutionizing the way non-profits worldwide raise awareness and support for their missions. OnGood provides valuable benefits such as a customizable online profile, a listing in a global NGO directory, and links to website and social media channels.

Access to the OnGood community is provided to organizations that register their .ngo and .ong domains for no additional cost.

How do I reserve my nonprofit’s .ngo and .ong domains?

JC: Visit to register your organization’s new .ngo and .ong domains. It takes just a few minutes to register the new domains. Another benefit of registering with Enset is access to a suite of easy-to-use digital tools, like OnGood, to help your organization advance its mission.

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