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Faces in Fundraising: 2016 Nonprofit Tech Conference Roundup

Last month, I attended my third Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) and had the opportunity to connect with some amazing people face-to-face. I was also lucky enough to get them to share some of their wisdom with me on video. Keep reading to learn more about these faces in fundraising and the tips and tools they wanted to share with you:

Farra Trompeter is a Vice President at Big Duck, a nonprofit consulting firm in New York. She’s also one of our nonprofit BFFs in a fun quiz I put together earlier this year and a Nonprofit911 speaker.

When Farra stopped by Network for Good’s booth, I asked her to share a fundraising tip. Here’s what she had to say:

Jono Smith is the Director of Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy at Make-A-Wish America.  I attended Jono’s presentation with Michael Hoffman of See3 Communications about donor personas and how to use video content to engage different types of donors. There were lots of great nuggets of wisdom in their presentation, but here’s the grand takeaway: stop trying to reach the general public. Take some time to think about who gives to your organization and why. Craft your messaging, stories, and outreach with those people in mind.

nonprofit radio jono and michael

Tony Martignetti interviews Michael Hoffman and Jono Smith at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference. Photo: Nonprofit Radio’s Facebook Page

Tony Martignetti of Nonprofit Radio was at NTC and interviewed Jono and Michael about their presentation. Give it a listen. You can also read this blog post on the process of creating donor personas on See 3’s blog.

Ananda Leeke is a yogi, digital communications expert, and creativity coach. She gave an inspiring Ignite Presentation on the first day of the conference about her evolving career path. It centered on the themes of change and mindfulness. Watch the recording (it’s only five minutes long) starting at the 36 minute mark:


Ananda giving her Ignite Presentation. Photo: NTEN

I ran into Ananda after her presentation and thanked her for reminding me to breathe. Nonprofit work is exciting, but stressful. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Emily Wang, Caryn Stein, Pete Hart, and Jonathan Gibbs are my colleagues here at Network for Good.

#16ntc, come by @networkforgood booth and meet these nice people.

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Love all the great stuff at #16ntc Thanks, @ntenorg ♡

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Ok, this one is kind of cheating because I see these folks face-to-face on a regular basis, but I think they have some great knowledge to share. While hanging out at our exhibit booth, I got to hear these fabulous people have insightful conversations about online fundraising, donor management, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Here are some recurring messages from those discussions:

  • Many NTC attendees were wowed by our new donor management system. Jaws dropped when we showed them what it looks like on a mobile device.
  • Integrating your donation page and donor database is a beautiful thing.
  • You don’t have to have an in-person event to host a peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Yes, that is a Yoda-shaped basket at our booth. It’s because “The Fundraising Force is strong with us.”

The #fundraising force is strong at this booth. #16ntc

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Nancy Schwartz is a frequent guest blogger on The Nonprofit Marketing Blog and has tons of tips for nonprofit communicators on her blog, Getting Attention!  I stopped Nancy in the hall and asked her to record a video tip for us. Here’s what she had to say about the importance of using donor database data to create better experiences for those who give to your organization:


Heather Yandow is a nonprofit consultant with Third Space Studio and the creator of the Individual Donor Benchmark Report. You might have read our Q&A with her from a few weeks ago or attended her Nonprofit911 webinar on fundraising plans. Heather has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fundraising, but when I asked her to share one tip with our audience, she wanted to tell you about the art AND science of fundraising. Check it out:


Next year’s NTC Conference is here in Washington, DC. I can’t wait to see these friends and make new ones next March! And I also hope Jonathan will recreate this move:

Come to booth 534 and find out why our VP of Products, Jonathan, is so jazzed about our new donor management system. #16ntc

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Did you attend NTC? Reach out to me on Twitter (@Network4Good) and let me know the most valuable tip you took home from the conference.

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