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What Do Funders and Foundations Need to Know About Grant Writing?

Grant writing is hard.

You know it, and so do we: effective grant writing takes up valuable time and needs extreme attention to detail. It requires nonprofit staff to get out of the mindset of day-to-day programming and instead focus on making a case for their mission and the impact they want to bring to the communities they serve.

It’s not just about the words.

In addition to creating a just-the-facts narrative that makes the case for why and how your programs or generally, your organization, will leverage potential grant funding, you must demonstrate the ‘logic’ of your needs. This means making sure your budget numbers add up and articulating how you will financially sustain the program after the funding ends.

You need help—and an advocate.

Network for Good is committed to helping small and emerging nonprofits succeed. We know that you must apply valuable resources to move fundraising from an administrative function to a year-long, leadership priority to stabilize—and grow—your mission.

We need your input and candor.

We know how hard you work to create and submit grant requests to foundations in your communities and we want to advocate and share your collective needs and grant writing challenges.

To arm our efforts with data and determination, we’re asking you to anonymously share how your organization works with foundations and how you sustain the programs they fund.  Please complete our survey.

In March we will publish the findings to more than 5,000 private, community, and corporate foundations to help get the conversation started around “What Funders & Foundations Need to Know.”

The survey is just ten straightforward, multiple choice questions and will take you less than four minutes to complete. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

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