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Fundraising Data That Keeps on Giving: The IDB Report Is Back!

Annual Report Tips

Heather Yandow

Editor’s note: This post was written by Heather Yandow of Third Space Studio and founder of the Individual Donor Benchmark Report.

What is the fundraising potential for small and mighty nonprofits? How can organizations expand their individual donor programs and see increased success? For nonprofits with budgets under $2 million, the guide to more strategic and successful fundraising is available now!

Download the 2014 Individual Donor Benchmark Report.

Record Year for Data

The 2014 Individual Donor Benchmark (IDB) Report, developed by Third Space Studio and BC/DC Ideas, is back with new data and resources tailored to a special kind of organization: small and mighty nonprofits with budgets under $2 million. Growing to a record-setting 87 participating organizations in 2014, the project continues to empower small and medium nonprofit organizations to understand their donor potential and enhance their fundraising strategies.

2014 IDB Infographic

Universal Truths of Fundraising

“The IDB Project is unique to the nonprofit sector because no other survey offers this kind of in-depth fundraising analysis to benefit nonprofits of this size,” said Heather Yandow, of Third Space Studio. “This year’s report uncovered some fascinating trends and offers vital resources every nonprofit can utilize to empower their fundraisers and see even greater success.”

Four years of data have been collected, and we’re starting to see trends emerge. From this year’s IDB Project, several “universal truths” were identified that will have a huge impact on how small and mighty nonprofits expand their fundraising:

  • The single most important thing you can do to strengthen your individual donor fundraising is create a plan.
  • The average small but mighty nonprofit raises 36 percent of its revenue from individual donors.
  • The average gift for nonprofits of this size is about $400.
  • About 16 percent of individual donor revenue is generated online.
  • About half of individual donor revenue is generated from donors giving $1,000 or more.
  • Fewer than half of all board members play a significant role in individual donor fundraising.
  • Higher-paid development staff = more donations.
    If you have a fundraising plan, for every $1 more you that pay your primary individual donor fundraiser, you are able to raise another $4.25.
  • More donor meetings = more donations. With a plan, each donor meeting yields more than $5,000 in increased donor revenue.

Yandow added, “Seeing such a huge increase in participation this year shows that smaller nonprofits find value in the IDB Project and have a proven need for this level of tailored data and established best practices. It’s exciting to see organizations so committed to understanding their data and learning new strategies to effectively increase their individual donor fundraising success.”

“It’s an exciting time to be a small and mighty nonprofit, and the IDB Project is further proof that your budget doesn’t have to be outstanding to create real, positive impact in your community or to set new goals for your organization’s fundraising achievement,” said Dawn Crawford, principle communicator of BC/DC Ideas.

Next Step to Successful Fundraising

Are you ready to get empowered? Fundraisers and leaders who take the time to participate in this survey are interested in making their nonprofit more successful, moving their cause forward, and building better relationships with activists, donors, and supporters.

The hope is that these nonprofits, armed with data tailored for small- to medium-size organizations, will feel empowered to take their fundraising to the next level of success.

Results of the annual survey have been compiled into a specialized report and infographic to serve as a multimedia resource and guide to empower nonprofit fundraising success.

Third Space Studio, based in Durham, North Carolina, collected and analyzed the survey. BC/DC Ideas, a Raleigh-based communications firm, designed the report and infographic. Both organizations specialize in nonprofit strategy, communications, and fundraising.

Thanks to the generous partners of the Individual Donor Benchmark Project: Third Space Studio, BC/DC Ideas, Network for Good, NeonCRM, Delve Analytics, Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, Little Green Light, and AGH Strategies.

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