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Need help with that campaign email or direct mail letter due to drop last week? Ready to move from making mediocre messages to the most donor-delighting, highest-impact asks of your life? How about getting there via a captivating romp through the life—and laws—of one of the best fundraisers around?

You can get it all Jeff Brooks’ Turn Your Words into Money: The Master Fundraiser’s Guide to Persuasive Writing. You’ll learn and laugh as you gobble your way through this guide to writing good—then great—fundraising messages.

We’ve all been there: Overwhelmed by a huge writing to-do list for right-now campaigns, the annual fund, and probably some special projects thrown in just because we don’t have enough to do.

Whether we’re newish to the field, sick of being stuck in the same old fundraising froth, or obsessed with breaking into the all-star league, there is a way out of this message mess. Jeff provides the specific, concrete and frequently counterintuitive to-dos—and the kick in the patootie—we crave.

Let me share a few of his more surprising steps to fundraising message magic, and I think you’ll see what I mean:

  • Your high school English teacher would HATE your most effective fundraising writing because it breaks almost every rule he taught you.
  • Choppy sentences, fragments, drama and clichés top the fantastic fundraising list. You were taught NOT to use these techniques but they work beautifully to capture donors’ eyes, hearts and brains. Each one helps slow your busy prospect down so what you’re saying is more likely to seep in. They also make messages more conversation-like, so more compelling than most written content.
  • Simple saves the day. Write for a fifth-grader to boost the likelihood you’ll capture attention and spur giving. Run your content through the Flesch–Kincaid readability test to ensure it’s accessible to all prospects.
  • Repetition rocks, when done right. I remember when my 10th grade English teacher redlined each of the 15 times I made my key point in my final term paper. Think again, Mrs. Hunter! When you make your main point in several different ways—directly, or using a story, donor profile, or beneficiary quote—you’re doing everything you can to ensure your donor gets what you’re saying, and has the time to agree with you and act.

Grab your copy of Turn Your Words into Money today! Jeff’s counterintuitive counsel of what to do and what NOT will guide you to create masterful messages for today’s campaign and every email, direct mail letter and conversation you craft going forward.

Total win, with laughs. Nothing better!

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