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What You Can Learn from 5 Stellar #GivingTuesday Campaigns

Giving Tuesday Campaigns

In 2014, Network for Good customers planned some amazing #GivingTuesday campaigns. Here are a few success stories from our top performing customers and what you can learn from their hard work:  

Giving Tuesday Campaign

After watching the progress of the #GivingTuesday movement in 2013, the team at ACCFB decided to go “all out” in 2014.

They pursued a multi-channel approach including email, website, digital ads, and social. Planning started about six weeks before #GivingTuesday, but activation went into high gear during Thanksgiving week. Their big vision can only be realized with strong donor support, and ACCFB inspired people to donate more than $100,000 (online and offline) on #GivingTuesday.

Key Tactics

  • Created a visual “badge” for all #GivingTuesday communications
  • Changed website header and homepage, and published a post about #GivingTuesday
  • Asked a corporate supporter to provide a match on first $20k raised
  • Sent their first email on the Monday of Thanksgiving week
  • Launched their big push on 12/1: Sent email announcing matching funds, launched #GivingTuesday branded donation page, and asked supporters to take #UNselfies and share
  • Rallied on #GivingTuesday: Added a homepage popup window asking visitors to donate now, pushed social media outreach, and launched #GivingTuesday branded retargeting ads

Try It:

Add a popup or “lightbox” call to action on your homepage encouraging people to donate on #GivingTuesday. Make it easy for people to find your donation page by making it the first thing they see when they land on your website. And, take advantage of the traffic being directed to your website by investing in retargeting ads. Our recent webinar with John Haydon will help you understand how Facebook’s retargeting work.

Giving Tuesday Campaign For Non Profits

Wildlife SOS believes in strategies focused on creating lifelong supporters.

Wildlife SOS did not focus explicitly on a #GivingTuesday campaign, rather they viewed #GivingTuesday as part of their year-end fundraising. Their success in the Network for Good #GivingTuesday campaign is a particularly powerful demonstration of the impact of #GivingTuesday. Donors are inspired be part of the movement and will seek out organizations to support – sometimes, even when they are not asked specifically. What we learned from Wildlife SOS is that the building blocks they put in place all year round pay dividends. One of those building blocks was an emphasis on recurring or sustaining, givers.

Key Tactics

Wildlife SOS leverages fundraising strategies that turn donors into lifelong supporters. Year-round they focus on animal sponsorships for monthly donors and give people a tangible connection to their donation. Having the building blocks in place and then capitalizing on big events means they’re not scrambling on days like #GivingTuesday and at year-end.

Try It:

Use #GivingTuesday as an opportunity to launch a monthly giving program or segment your list to reach out to those loyal donors who have yet to make the leap to a recurring gift.

Nonprofit Giving Tuesday

MECCS used #GivingTuesday as part of its already planned year-end campaign.

The campaign’s focus was to activate new donors by emphasizing the Network for Good #GivingTuesday matching funds, and the potential to ‘win’ bonus dollars through the Network for Good’s special challenges. The friendly competition inspired by the leaderboards was very motivating to their audience.

Key Tactics

  • Deployed three emails on #GivingTuesday:
    • The first email laid out the opportunity to receive the bonus and matching funds.
    • The second and third emails were sent throughout the day to build excitement as they rose up the leaderboard.
  • Encouraged donors to give generously and repeatedly through the day when the “win” was in sight.
  • Sent a thank you email Wednesday morning announcing the win and encouraging those that did not participate to consider giving. This outreach produced their second best day ever.

Try It:

Let your audience know how your campaign is going throughout the day to keep the momentum going. Give a formal #GivingTuesday update on Wednesday to cap off the campaign. You could even segment your list to send a secondary message to those who didn’t give and present the opportunity to give on Wednesday if they missed out on the #GivingTuesday fun.  

Giving Tuesday Results

#GivingTuesday became the jumping off point for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue’s first-ever planned campaign.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (BBAR) won over the Network for Good team with their amazing campaign and straightforward mission: Saving badass dogs from idiot humans. BBAR has grown through the commitment of its passionate volunteers and they recognized earlier this year that they need to define a strategy for sustainable funding streams. Recurring givers were identified as a key emphasis. What made the BBAR campaign special was that they emphasized the story of an actual rescue of 11 dogs from a shelter in Georgia (the #GivingTuesday dogs) with email and social outreach. They live-tweeted and Instagrammed the rescue of the 11 dogs while asking supporters to give, spread the word, and set up a recurring gift.

Key Tactics

  • BBAR has built a “badass” website, so all outreach leading up to, and on the day of #GT, centered around driving people to the BBAR website
  • They did a series of emails and posts using #GT as the kickoff of year-end, with the theme “Give a Little. Save a Life.”
  • Emails stressed both one time and recurring gifts and asked donors to consider making both a #GivingTuesday gift and to set up a recurring gift to start in January. They had a meaningful number of donors who did both…it pays to ask!
  • Online giving page was set up to support the visuals and strategy of the campaign, including an emphasis on recurring giving
  • Added a banner to their homepage driving visitors to #GivingTuesday donation page
  • Created a Facebook event for #GivingTuesday and then paid for Facebook ads to drive people to the event/campaign
  • Encouraged adopters to share #UNselfies with their Badass dogs

Try It:

Reflect your #GivingTuesday branding in all your communication pieces. Your emails, website, a donation page, and social media content should be consistent so that donors get the message across all platforms.  

Nonprofit Giving Tuesday Campaigns

OLR focused on board activation and email outreach as core strategies for #GivingTuesday.

Our Little Roses new Executive Director, Cheryl Chapman, followed a legendary founder who recently retired after 25 years. Cheryl is not a professional fundraiser, but clearly, she is a fundraiser at heart. Just six weeks before December 2, she decided that OLR needed a much improved online giving capability and she turned to Network for Good. She followed the Network for Good recommendations for best practices and geared up to launch her first-ever #GivingTuesday campaign. OLR’s straightforward, focused campaign was so successful that they were in the top ten for dollars raised among all Network for Good organizations!

Key Tactics

  • Beginning Thanksgiving week, OLR actively communicated with their board about the campaign, the opportunity for matching funds, and the importance of spreading the word about Our Little Roses to friends and family. On #GivingTuesday, OLR sent two emails, one in the morning and one in the evening.
  • They actively marketed their leaderboard standing on Facebook throughout the day.
  • A supporter was so energized by the success of the OLR #GivingTuesday campaign that he came forward on December 3rd with an unsolicited offer to match the entire campaign!

Try It:

Get your board involved with #GivingTuesday as soon as you can. Consider launching a social fundraising campaign with your board so they feel a direct connection to your efforts on #GivingTuesday.


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