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Your #GivingTuesday Questions, Answered

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With less than two months until #GivingTuesday, we at Network for Good are ramping up the resources to make sure you have the best year-end yet! In our recent Nonprofit 911 Webinar: Get Ready for #GivingTuesday, you asked several great questions. Here are some answers to help you get started on your #GivingTuesday campaign.

What suggestions do you have for organizations with limited capacity (staff, budget, skill sets)?

Setting an appropriate goal and having a solid plan is the key. Focus on your fundraising strengths, and examine what worked well in the past for each type of donor, then leverage that for your #GivingTuesday ask. Rethink your limitations, even if you don’t have a large staff (or any staff), and tap into your networks and those of your board to identify ambassadors, pro bono help, and community partners. Identify these groups early so you have time to organize and use their skills to their full potential. To learn more, check out this article: #GivingTuesday Success with a Staff of One: Q&A with CASS.

What is the relationship between #GivingTuesday and a nonprofit’s annual year-end appeal?

The big opportunity is to launch December on #GivingTuesday and carry the energy and excitement straight through to New Year’s. Think of it as a chance to throw a virtual giving-season kickoff party for your cause. Through Network for Good’s platform, nonprofits that raised money on #GivingTuesday received, on average, 10 times more than nonprofits that didn’t.

#GivingTuesday can be a chance to tell fresh stories, attract new or younger supporters, accelerate your social media presence, or diversify your fundraising channels. Your goals can be about more than dollars raised. Consider a goal focused on recurring givers, new donors, volunteers, in-kind gifts, or even social media followers.

How do you go about setting specific goal metrics if you have never participated in #GivingTuesday before?

What are you aiming for? Dollars are likely to be one element of your goal, but it doesn’t need to be the only one. Every successful endeavor is a combination of planning and luck, and a successful giving day is no exception. In your first year, setting goals will be an educated best guess. Look at your past campaigns and donors as a way to get started.

#GivingTuesday sounds great. Would you encourage us to participate even when we’re doing another online giving campaign this fall? We don’t want to annoy our supporters.

#GivingTuesday is still a great opportunity to generate activity and revenue for your organization, thanks to the popularity of the event. So it will likely be top of mind for your donors and something they’ll hear about in the media and from other organizations. If you’re worried about oversaturating your audience, keep in mind that #GivingTuesday is a good time to target specific segments of donors, focus on a certain program or type of giving, and stand out with specific messaging and branding. This will help differentiate your #GivingTuesday campaign, from both your other asks and those of other organizations. Another way to set your campaign apart is to use it as an opportunity to activate your base to fundraise on your behalf through a peer-to-peer campaign.

Is Twitter essential to this process? We have a social media presence, but Twitter doesn’t really work for us.

If Twitter doesn’t work for you, there’s no reason to feel compelled to use it for #GivingTuesday. You have a limited window to generate excitement and activate your donors for this giving day, so focus on what does work for your organization and donors, and build from there. A large social media presence isn’t a requirement for #GivingTuesday, but you should have shareable content and updates for your supporters to use to help spread the word and activate their friends and family.

Thanks to everyone for attending the webinar and asking these great questions! If you missed our #GivingTuesday webinar, you can listen the full recording. If you want to put on a great #GivingTuesday campaign ahead, we can help.

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