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Help! How Do I Get Ready for #GivingTuesdayNow?

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“I just heard about #GivingTuedayNow on May 5. How do I prepare/should we spend the time and effort getting involved? What should I tell my donors about it?”

Great question! With a short planning window and strong chance you’re operating partially remote, my #1 recommendation is to keep your call to action for the day SIMPLE. Network for Good created templates for our fundraising software customers to help them act on #GivingTuesdayNow, so if you’re in the market for fundraising software, get in touch.

In case you missed it, #GivingTuesdayNow is a celebration of generosity around the world. In the interest of time, I encourage you to use one of their well designed social media templates today to notify your followers/network you will be celebrating on May 5.

Sticking with earlier recommendation advice to keep your strategy simple, here are 3 ideas to help get the ball rolling.

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Use this opportunity to launch or relaunch your sustaining/recurring/monthly giving program. If you have a trusted team of dedicated colleagues and/or volunteer fundraisers, kickoff the day with a 15-minute pep rally via google hangout or Zoom meeting to confirm the call to action for the day and answer any last-minute questions.

If you’ve been actively fundraising throughout March and April to respond to increased or immediate needs as a result of COVID-19, make May 5th a GivingTHANKSTuesday.  Ask your constituents to nominate a superstar or team of superstars to be recognized on social media throughout the day.

Just feeling overwhelmed by the mention of this brand new to-do item? You are not alone. Reach out to one or more organizations in your community that postponed/canceled their major fundraiser to see if they want to form a special one day alliance to recoup lost event revenue. Side benefit – this is a great way to introduce new people/prospects to your nonprofit’s mission.


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