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How to Choose the Best Pictures to Use with Your Online Donation Software

How to Choose the Best Pictures to Use with Your Online Donation Software

The internet is a visual medium, and that can be very beneficial for nonprofits. Your online donation software should include images, but to get the best response, you need to use the right kind.

Include Your Logo

Online fundraising tools should include your logo because it assures site visitors that they are in the right place. The familiarity of your logo also connects donors with the good feelings they have for your cause and the experiences they have had with your organization. The upper left corner of the page is where online visitors expect to see the logo. Consistency is especially important when it comes to online fundraising tools, since your aim is to make it clear that this is the page where you accept online donations, and their contribution—and personal information—is secure.

One Great Photograph

Photographs are important in your donation software as well as your website. Telling your story is a key part of communicating with potential donors, and pictures make any story have greater impact. Pictures also help make the emotional connection that inspires generous giving.

Your website can have many pictures, but the donation page should have a single, powerful image. Here are a few tips to help you choose just the right one:

  • Quality photos – not cartoons, illustrations or abstracts: When you want one picture to make an impact, it should be a photograph.
  • Your actual work – Use a real photo that shows your actual work. Avoid canned, stock images. They will not be meaningful to your donors.
  • Include one or two people or animals – Depending on your cause, it may be more appropriate to use animals, but the best picture for evoking emotion includes a close-up image of a face. If the subject is looking straight into the camera, the viewer will feel a stronger connection with them, and also with your message.
  • Show positive impact – Donors want to know that their donation will make a difference. A picture that illustrates the need for your work, and especially the great results that you get, will be most inspiring.
  • Focused – The photo should be a quality, focused shot. It should also be focused on a subject. Crowds do not invoke emotion the way individuals do, so they should not feature in your donation software picture. Likewise, a too-busy image will have less meaning for the viewer. You don’t want to scatter their attention in any way. The picture you choose should help keep them in the experience of giving.
  • Avoid inanimate objects – Buildings or landscapes make great subjects for artistic photographs, and may even relate closely to your cause, but they can’t connect with donors on the same level.

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