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How Donors Are Giving Online: The Digital Giving Index

How much of your individual giving is coming in through online channels? Are digital dollars increasing for your nonprofit? Our latest Digital Giving Index and 2015 Online Giving Trends Dashboard are two resources you can use as benchmarks to compare your results and create your fundraising strategy.

We know that many nonprofits plan to spend more in the next few years on technology and digital fundraising. It’s important to understand how donors’ giving habits are evolving so you can make smart budgeting decisions. Since 2010, Network for Good has published the Digital Giving Index which looks at online giving trends across the Network for Good platform, including both branded and generic donation pages, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, portal giving, and employee giving.

Network for Good’s Digital Giving Index data illustrates $250 million in giving for 2015 and represents donations to 45,000 charities. Our new 2015 Online Giving Trends Dashboard represents a subset of these donations and offers a deeper look into giving by day, mobile donations, recurring gifts, and more.


A few highlights:

  • Online giving behavior varies across digital channels, such as a generic giving page, branded donation page, portal giving, employee giving, and peer-to-peer giving.
  • 60% of donations in 2015 came through nonprofit giving pages and giving through branded donation pages (those donation experiences that look and feel like a nonprofit’s brand) saw the largest rate of year-over-year growth in terms of dollars.
  • End-of-year giving remains strong, with nearly 30% of all donations coming in during the month of December. It’s important to note that last few days of December also see highest average gift size.


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