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How great content can help you raise more money

Content marketing is all the rage for corporations and nonprofits alike, as consumers and donors crave high-quality, relevant information on the topics they care about. But, what does all of this content business have to do with your fundraising efforts? Here are five ways great content can help you raise more money:

1. Great content helps you get found. Organizations who regularly post high-quality, relevant content have a better chance of ranking higher in search for keywords that supporters are using to find similar causes.

2. Great content gives your supporters something to talk about. If you want your fans to help you spread the word about your cause and the work you do, you’ll make it a lot easier on them if you’re providing information that is compelling and sharable. This will help inspire them to tell their own stories and raise your profile. This is critically important for creating successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

3. Great content helps you illustrate impact. Remember all of those success stories you have tucked away in a file somewhere? Those great nuggets help you show donors exactly what their contribution will do. This helps you make the case for giving and allows you to put a human face on your cause.

4. Great content builds authority. Donors and partners want to know that you know your stuff. Writing pieces that demonstrate your experience and knowledge of your issue area will help you become even more credible. (Bonus: this also helps when reporters are looking for reliable sources for a story, which will help you get more attention.)

5. Great content reinforces trust. Hand in hand with points 3 and 4 above, content helps you show who you are to your prospective donors. This type of transparency boosts trust, which can remove mental roadblocks to giving.


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