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How to Grow Your Nonprofit Voice

Now that you know the three reasons why your nonprofit needs content marketing, how do you get started? Just like with more traditional nonprofit communications, you need to define your voice for your audience.

1. Create a cohesive voice and style.

If your nonprofit were a person, what kind of person would you want it to be? Funny and relatable like Mindy Kaling? Or knowledgeable and self-deprecating like Woody Allen? Define who you want to be (responsive, fun, caring, friendly, helpful, etc.) and stick to it—but be sure to evaluate your nonprofit voice and style to determine if it’s working for you. You’re not the same person you were 20 years ago, and your voice shouldn’t be, either. It’s okay to make changes to your established nonprofit voice and style, just be sure to have a good reason and to have an ear to the ground for what’s working with your supporters.

2. Be the voice of the people.

Communicating with your supporters is one important part of content marketing, but what about the people you help? Are you adopting their voice or letting them speak alongside you? Make a plan for how you talk about and showcase your beneficiaries.

3. Grab attention with excitement or humor.

Kivi Leroux Miller suggests “luring in your supporters with cheese, and then giving them the broccoli.” What’s that fun topic your supporters love? Is it your monthly happy hour, social media training classes, or a nature hike? Do your fans love humor? Talk about the fun stuff first as a way to engage with your network. Then introduce the messages you need them to know and that you think would really benefit them but might not be as much fun, such as domestic violence statistics, online privacy issues, and deforestation.


For more ideas on creating your nonprofit’s content marketing plan, download the archived webinar presentation, Kick-start Your Marketing Calendar with Great Content.

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