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How to Build a Fundraising Page to Accept Online Donations

How to Build a Fundraising Page to Accept Online Donations

Charity fundraising is simple when you are able to accept online donations. Being able to accept donations online makes charity fundraising much easier. It provides a way to donate that most donors have access to, and it makes the donation quick and easy. However, many nonprofits don't know where to start, or how to build a fundraising website. Here are a few of the basics to help you get started.

Save Time and Effort with Fundraising Software

Building a fundraising page from scratch is a labor-intensive process. Any web developer can do it, but there is a lot that goes into optimizing a page for nonprofit fundraising, so if you are concerned about your budget, be sure to look into using fundraising software rather than trying to build your donation page on your own. By the time you pay for a developer to build the website, staff time to research and write content, and management effort to coordinate it all, you may find that you spend more than you would by leveraging the experience of those who have already done the research and road-tested website designs.

Integration Between Your Online Fundraising Tool and Email Marketing Platform

When donors fill out your donation page, their information should be automatically synced to your email marketing tool. That way, they will be included in your next email fundraising campaign with no additional effort on your part—which benefits you both by saving time and assuring that you reach out to everyone who has made a donation to your cause.

Donation Pages Should Offer Both Preset Donation Amounts and an Option for Donors to Enter Their Own Gift Amounts

In addition to letting donors fill in their own donation amounts, give them a shortcut by offering suggested giving amounts. This makes it easier for your donors—and can motivate them to give more.

Donors want cues for how much to donate. They might have a number in mind, but aren’t sure what level will make an impact. Presenting defined choices gives context for what might be considered a “low” amount vs. a higher-end contribution.

Design Your Donation Page to Match Your Brand

Your donors identify with your branding, so be sure you include it in your donation page. Your logo, colors and mission statement make donors feel connected to your organization. A generic donation form is more transactional and provides a less inspiring giving experience for your donors.

Network for Good provides two different donation solutions: DonateNow and GiveCorps. We recommend taking a look at both, or calling us at 1.888.284.7978 x1 to find out which fundraising tool will best meet your needs.

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