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How to Create a Board Fundraising Campaign

Want to find a way to inspire your board to be a bigger part of your fundraising team? A social, peer-driven fundraising campaign can a great way to get your board involved, grow your list, recruit new donors, and raise money through a campaign that gets people excited. By leveraging your board, who likely have large networks and strong influence, you can expand your reach by tapping into their connections.

How do you convince your board to get on board with this plan? Follow these 10 steps to launch a peer fundraising campaign powered by your biggest champions—your board members:

Get buy-in:

Get your board excited about your campaign by giving them a clear vision of your target that shows the impact on your mission, as well as your bottom line. Next, help them see how their involvement will help you expand your outreach and raise more money. Illustrate how each board member’s fundraising page and resulting donations bring you closer to your program goals. Describe how your board fundraising campaign fits into your larger fundraising strategy.

Define a focus:

Instead of a general fundraising appeal, your campaign may be more effective when it focuses on a specific project, program, or emergency need. This can also set the campaign apart from other appeals and help make the impact feel more tangible for potential donors.

Set your goals:

Once you’ve defined your campaign focus, you can determine the goals for your campaign. This will likely mean setting a goal for dollars raised, but you may also want to include goals for participation or the number of new donors gained. Then, make sure each board member understands the goals for their individual campaign. How much is each board member responsible for raising during the campaign? How many donors might it take for them to reach that goal? Be upfront about this so everyone agrees to these expectations.

Create your timeline:

Set a detailed timeline that includes your campaign planning, deadlines, launch, and campaign length. Think about when you would like to meet certain milestones within your campaign. Also, have a timeline just for your board, and send reminders to keep them motivated and on track. Let them know they can set a great example for other donors by starting the campaign with a donation that can serve as a matching gift.

Identify lists and potential donors:

Work with your board members to think about how many people they can reach, and then estimate the potential size of their network’s network. Urge them to dig into their Rolodexes, personal and professional networks, and any social networks they may have. They likely have more connections than they realize. Show them how quickly their message could spread far beyond your existing donor base.

Copy and paste messages:

Give your board members prewritten emails, fundraising appeals, phone scripts, and social media posts to promote their campaign. They can (and should, of course) customize these messages to make them their own, but giving board members the foundation to work from can make the difference between a campaign that achieves liftoff and one that flounders.

Get the right tools in place:

The right fundraising platform will make the entire process of setting up a campaign, organizing your board members, and collecting donations much easier. You’ll need technology that allows you to quickly customize your message and launch your campaign, as well as built-in best practices and optimized pages, so you’re getting the most out of your board members’ outreach. And let’s be honest: The easier you can make it for your board members, the less hassle it is for you. (Need a solution that’s perfect for this type of campaign? Let us show you how Network for Good’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising platform can make it easy to get phenomenal results.)

Personalize their outreach:

Help board members add their photo, a short story about why they support your cause, and possibly a video featuring your board member speaking authentically about their campaign. This will inspire more of their network to give since they’ll feel a more personal connection to the ask. Your board members may not need help doing this, but be prepared to lend a hand since it will make a big difference. At the very least, let your board know they’ll need to compile this information for their outreach.

Ready to launch your board fundraising campaign? Download our checklist, and check out our Secrets of Social Fundraising Success eGuide for more tips and ideas.

Make the giving experience easy:

Beyond personalization, make sure that your board member’s giving pages are easy to use and match your nonprofit’s branding. The process to complete a donation should be easy, fast, and fun. Your pages should also include features that are proven to increase giving, like suggested donation amounts, recurring donation options, social sharing tools, and donation tickers to highlight others who already support the campaign.

Celebrate and thank:

As your campaign progresses, be sure to thank donors promptly as they give and keep your board members feeling great by celebrating their progress and encouraging their efforts. Positive reinforcement and highlighting the impact of their contributions help your donors and fundraisers want to do it all over again. A strong retention plan and regular updates about what donors have made possible will allow you to make the most of your board fundraising campaign for years to come.

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