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How to Shift Giving: New Money for Good Research Released

Donor peer comparison

Of all of the research I reference in webinar and conference presentations, the Money for Good studies are a longtime favorite. By delving into the true giving motivations and habits of donors, fundraisers can create more effective strategies and stronger appeals to inspire more giving. These are exactly the kind of insights that the Money for Good research offers.

That’s why I’m happy to share that the latest Money for Good report from Camber Collective, the result of Hope Consulting and SwitchPoint LLC’s merger, has been released today. Money for Good 2015 seeks to answer the question, “Why has giving been stuck at 2% GDP since the 70s?” and offers three key areas of focus to attempt to unlock $47B in U.S. charitable donations.

In particular, the research uncovers four key barriers that are likely preventing donors from giving more to your cause:

1.  Donors want clearer communication with nonprofits:

      49% of donors feel that they don’t know how nonprofits are using their money
      49% of donors feel that they don’t know how nonprofits are using their money, while 34% feel hassled by solicitations, and 20% are unsure who benefits from their donations.

Top donor concerns2.  Donors don’t understand how much they give compared to peers:

      75% of Americans think they donate more than average, yet most donors (72%) are contributing at a rate that’s below the national average.

Donor peer comparison3.  Name recognition trumps impact:

      61% of donors prefer to give to well-known nonprofits but not necessarily the most effective organizations.

4.  People tend to give the same way year after year:

    67% of donors are loyal to primary causes while only 13% intend to give to different nonprofits and only 9% compare nonprofits before giving.

habitual giving


So, how do you break through these barriers? Camber Collective’s researchers have provided a deep dive on philanthropic segmentation that uncovers five distinct donor types and their attitudes, and offers ways to reframe giving appeals to better communicate to these giving profiles.

Want to dig into the research for yourself? Read the full report and learn more about the Money for Good 2015 segmentation toolkit.

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