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Integrate Your Email Marketing, Donor Management and Event Planning with Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Integrate Your Email Marketing, Donor Management and Event Planning with Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Online fundraising tools make everything easier, and one of the best things about them is the way they can be used together. Donor management and event planning may be done by completely different departments in your organization, but they can use the same email marketing account so that everyone has access to all your current information. Nonprofit fundraising software ties it all together, making the entire fundraising process much more streamlined.

Nonprofit Email Marketing and Fundraising

Email should be your primary method of sending information to your donors. It’s easy and, very importantly, it’s free. Depending on your donor base, you may have some traditional supporters who give large sums and expect to receive formal invitations to special events. It’s certainly valid to honor their expectations. But be aware that younger donors have different expectations, and are very familiar with electronic communication.

Trigger a Thank You

When you send email to your donors, it should always include a button, or at least a link, that takes the reader to your online donation page. Your nonprofit fundraising software should trigger a thank you email immediately when a donation is received. The email should not only graciously acknowledge the gift, but should include the relevant information so that it can be used for tax purposes. (It should not include anything else, though—and never a request for more money. The point is to make the donor feel appreciated!)

Include Email and Your Donation Page in the Event Planning Stage

Once you decide what kind of event you want to have, and you set a date, there are two major tasks that follow. One is to plan the event itself, and the other is to promote the event. When you start to plan your promotion, be cognizant of how your email and nonprofit fundraising software can work together.

Your online fundraising software should allow you to set up a donation page that is dedicated to the event. That way you can feature only event information, such as ticket prices, which is helpful because a donation page needs to keep donors focused. Just as it can trigger a thank you for a regular donation, it can also immediately send ticket information via email.

If your event planning team comes up with a logo or other image for the event, use it on your donation page and in your email related to the event so that donors immediately see that it is all related. Make it easy for your donors so they don’t have to figure out what each piece relates to and ensure they are not receiving multiple asks.

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