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Introducing the Future of Donor Relationships

We know you’ve been hard at work supporting your communities and showing the world that #CovidCantStopGOOD. And your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by donors! Since the start of COVID-19, we’ve seen a significant uptick in online giving across the sector. Organizations that are actively fundraising are thriving. But with many nonprofits still threatened by the impact of the virus, we know that fundraisers must find a way to build donor loyalty to sustain their missions.   

So, Network for Good decided to find out once and for all what makes donors tick. We got to work studying years of donor behavior and crunching the numbers from thousands of our successful nonprofit customers. We looked for a big ‘ah-ha’ moment and we finally arrived at the key to building strong donor relationships – the kind that will sustain your nonprofit through the good times and the bad.   

So here it is – the secret to a long and happy relationship with your donors: 


Are you surprised? Neither are we! Frequent, consistent communication, via multiple different channels yields loyal donors and strong advocates of your missionThe big ah-ha is intuitive, yet not enough nonprofits are actively doing ittreat your donors like a walking checkbook instead of focusing on building relationships with them, and they’ll move on to the next cause that catches their eye. If you’re only reaching out once a year during your annual campaign, or if the only personalized communication you send is their tax receipt (and you’re thinking that the tax receipt will also serve as a thank-you), you’re definitely not winning over the hearts and minds of your donors!  

It’s time to start communicating better so you can cultivate meaningful relationships. Relationships that last, through good times and bad. Relationships that foster new supporters of your mission. That’s why we’ve launched 

Visit our new website to learn how to how to build stronger, more modern donor relationships so your future is brightregardless of external circumstances. You can also:  

    • Take our Relationship Quiz to find out whether your donor relationships are built to last  
    • Share how you keep in touch with your supporters using the hashtag #DonorRelationshipGoals on social media  
    • Read up on the latest technology, trends, and tips for communicating more effectively with your donors  
    • Get a demo of our simple, smart fundraising software to learn how we can help you take your donor relationships to the next level  

The future is here! Donors today want to hear more, not less, from the nonprofits they support, and Network for Good can help you show your donors the love they deserve.  Frequent, multi-channel touches with text, video, and social media will help you thrive and we’re here to help you put it into motion.

Join our movement into a new era of donor love!  

Build donor relationships and raise more this year with our simple, smart fundraising software.

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