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Introducing The Millennial Donor Playbook

It’s likely that most of your nonprofit’s individual giving comes from donors who are Baby Boomers or older. So, why should you care about Millennials now?

Young supporters represent the leading edge of technology adoption and online behavior, and this behavior actually influences how other age groups interact with your cause. If you want to know where donor engagement and digital giving are heading, look to Millennials to understand how all generations are evolving online. Of course, Millennials are also active donors, advocates, nonprofit staff, and volunteers in their own right.

Millennial Playbook iconThat’s why Network for Good teamed up with Kari Saratovsky, Chief Engagement Officer of Third Plateau Strategies and co-author of Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement, to create The Millennial Donor Playbook, a quick guide to attracting and retaining young donors, volunteers, and advocates for your organization.

The playbook is meant to guide your nonprofit fundraising and marketing efforts as you think about how to engage young supporters (while you do all the other stuff on your task list).

Download your copy of the guide to learn:

• Why Millennials may be your cause’s secret weapon
• How to inspire these supporters to become recurring givers, advocates, and peer fundraisers for your mission
• Tips for optimizing your social channels and communicating with young donors

BONUS: We’re lucky enough to welcome Kari for a free Nonprofit 911 webinar this Thursday, March 12, at 1pm ET. Register now to reserve your spot and find out how to make the most of the Millennials in your midst. (Can’t attend? Register anyway and we’ll send you the slides and a recording of the session.)

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