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Key takeaways from the Internet Trends Report

Affectionately known as “Queen of the Net,” Mary Meeker is back with her zeitgeist of digital insight. Meeker, partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, presented the 2014 Internet Trends report during this week’s Code Conference. This annual report is full of useful nuggets, including key stats and opportunities for innovation. As fundraising and nonprofit marketing evolves in an increasingly digital world, this type of insight can help you understand how the landscape is changing and how these changes may affect and inform your efforts to acquire and engage donors over the next few years. A few highlights:

Mobile usage, smartphones, and tablets are still on the rise.

The percent of mobile traffic is growing over 1.5x per year, with this growth expected to continue or accelerate in the coming years. Mobile traffic is currently 25% of all global Internet traffic, a sharp jump from the 14% seen this time last year.

Takeaway: No surprise: mobile is now a primary way we access information and services online. It’s time to understand how your audiences are using mobile by analyzing your own traffic, then plan accordingly for a mobile-friendly experience.

Smartphone users now make up 30% of all mobile phone users. Meanwhile, tablets are growing more rapidly than PCs ever did, as technology and processing power becomes more inexpensive and portable.

Takeaway: Test your key online interaction points to ensure they are functional and friendly to smartphone and tablet users. Think about how smartphone and tablet use differs from PC (not just how these devices are used, but also where and when), and leverage the smart interfaces and features that users expect on these devices.

Communication continues to shift from broadcast to targeted conversations.

New social channels and messaging apps (such as WhatsApp) have allowed online communications to shift from large broadcasts of fewer messages to more frequent communications with smaller groups.

Takeaway: You don’t have to Snapchat with your donors, but think about how more personalized and targeted messages may be more effective for your organization’s most valuable relationships.

Technology requires us to re-imagine content.

Social content distribution is driven more frequently through a few key platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter now drive nearly 30% of all social traffic referrals. The life cycle is relatively short, though, with an average piece of content reaching half its total social referrals in just 6.5 hours on Twitter or 9 hours on Facebook.

Takeaway: Find out which channels are referring the most traffic to your site and key content. Offer news and updates that are optimized for social platforms and sharing, then plan your distribution accordingly to take the social “half life” into account.

The ‘visual social web’ has grown rapidly over the past year, with platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine providing a powerful intersection of mobile, social, and visual content. Over 1.8 billion photos are uploaded and shared each day, much of that volume being driven by real-time platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Takeaway: Beyond engaging your supporters with your own images, encourage them to share photos of your impact and work to help build interest and amplify your reach.

Visual Social Web Growth

Our multi-screen world has unlocked a new age of video consumption, with digital audiences watching more on-demand long form video, as well as short, online. It’s also worth noting that smartphones are now the most viewed/used medium for video in many countries.

Takeaway: Your best stories can be even more compelling in video form. Consider the video opportunities you already have—event footage, historic clips, testimonials—and make them part of your regular communication with supporters. For best results, host your videos in such a way that they are mobile-friendly and sharable.

The report also contains keen observations on the shifts in the education and healthcare sectors, and the opportunities of big data.

Check out the full report for more, then chime in below to let us know which stat is most exciting for you and your organization.

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