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Marketing and Fundraising: Two Halves of the Same Coin

Heads or tails? Marketing or fundraising? There’s no need to choose just one strategy to advance your cause.

When marketing and fundraising work in sync as two halves of a whole, your efforts are more successful.

Marketing motivates volunteers, program participants, and others to give. It’s what drives donor engagement. Without marketing, your fundraising can’t reach its full potential, no matter what you do. And vice versa.

This synthesis is what it takes to get close with prospects and donors, motivate them to give (and give again), and participate in your organization in additional ways.

Strategic Nonprofit Marketing: The Roadmap to Donor Engagement

So, what’s stopping you from effective marketing?

Most fundraisers understand how vital marketing is to growing donors and donations, but are too overwhelmed to dive in. The two most common barriers heard by the Network for Good customer support team are:

  • Where should we begin, especially with so many social media platforms to choose from?
  • With all the fundraising we’re doing, we don’t have time to think about marketing.

On the other hand, the most common questions we hear from organizations that are actively marketing include:

  • What should we talk about, beyond asking for donations?
  • How can we create multiple touch points across the channels where our donors already are?
  • How frequently can we contact people without pushing them away?
  • How can our fundraising staff or board also take on marketing responsibilities, or partner most productively with our marketing team or consultant?

These barriers to strategic marketing can seem daunting. As a result, nonprofits often miss opportunities to engage with their community in an effective way. Their donors stay only loosely connected, and prospects are less likely to participate and give. That keeps those organizations right where they started. With fewer resources, they can’t deliver their full potential

You can break this pattern now. Add marketing to your fundraising strategy and watch your donor base and donations grow.

Download our new White Paper, “How Marketing Drives Donor Engagement,” and follow the specific, step-by-step methodology to use marketing to achieve your fundraising goals.

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