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Network For Good Staff Profile: Elicia Potter

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As one of the longest Network For Good team members, Elicia has helped nonprofits achieve their mission for nearly seven years. Elicia works cross functionally with many departments to listen to the needs of nonprofits and share the insights so we can continue to develop products that addresses those needs and more. In her free time, Elicia loves spending time with her family and visiting fun playgrounds, libraries, and museums.

“The people who run and work for nonprofits are some of the most passionate and hard-working people with both inspiring and emotional stories that guide their work.”

Q&A with Elicia Potter, Customer Insights Manager

What do you do at Network for Good?

My team works across various departments in the company to learn about customer needs, attributes, preferences, perceptions, and behaviors that help us to create products that best solve the needs of small nonprofits and attract the right customer who will be successful with our product offerings.

What is your experience with nonprofit organizations outside of Network for Good?

As a trained designer and music lover, I’m passionate about supporting nonprofits that bring art and culture to our communities. While the arts bring joy, inspiration, and enrichment to our lives, they also have very tangible social, economic, educational benefits as well.

What attracts you to nonprofits? 

The people who run and work for nonprofits are some of the most passionate and hard-working people with both inspiring and emotional stories that guide their work. Helping them do their jobs easier and better so that they can fulfill their missions is a very gratifying experience.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I’m a curious person who has a constant need to learn new things and my role at Network for Good allows me to take risks and try new things—and learn a ton while doing so.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? 

I have a very young family, so my time outside of work is typically spent at public playgrounds, splash parks, libraries, museums, and local events in the City of Fairfax.

Lightning Round

Dream vacation? Anywhere I can aimlessly wander and explore. Our next scheduled vacation is to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland where I’m looking forward to eating lots of streusel and chocolate.

Most recent book read? I’ve been on a behavioral economics kick lately and recently finished “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely.

Last movie seen in movie theater? I took my 4 year old and elephant obsessed Dad to see the live-action Dumbo movie. Both left in tears—for different reasons 😃

Theme song? “Happy” by Pharrell

Favorite color? Green.

All time favorite athlete? We’re not sports fans in my house so I couldn’t name an athlete if my life depended on it—except for Michael Jordan. I’ll pick him.

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