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NFG Staff Profile: Luke Attardi

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Luke loves the human interaction and enjoys speaking with our nonprofit partners daily. Luke is passionate about the good nonprofits do across communities and his goal is to help as many organizations as he can raise more money and help more people.

“Every day I love hearing about more nonprofits and their missions to see how I can get behind the work they’re doing and help them reach new heights”

Q&A with Luke Attardi, Fundraising Sales Consultant

What do you do at Network for Good?

I reach out to nonprofits to learn about the challenges they’re facing with fundraising and present a solution using our tools and resources. After my initial outreach, I organize meetings with our fundraising consultants to present a solution that is tailored to the organization’s needs. Following these sessions, the fundraising consultant will use my notes to finalize the sale and bring on a new client. It’s not a direct sales role, but I help identify prospective clients who could benefit from NFG’s solutions. We find out how they’re currently raising funds to see if using our software and coaching can help them reach their goals.

What is your experience with nonprofit organizations outside of Network for Good?

To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of experiences with nonprofits outside of NFG. However, I was raised in a nonprofit atmosphere. I was born and raised in the DMV area and my parents worked for National Geographic. When I was younger, I spent many days visiting their D.C. headquarters before finding out they were a nonprofit. As a kid, you could describe me as wide-eyed and open to learning, but I didn’t have a deeper understanding of Nat Geo’s impact until much later. Now that I’m older and have a better grasp of just how far their reach extends, it has encouraged me to become more interested with nonprofits in general.

What attracts you to nonprofits? 

Honestly, the good they’re doing across communities. These organizations are making a huge difference in people’s lives. When people think of corporations, community activism might not be the first thing that comes to mind. I want to make those opportunities available to everyone and personally make an impact on people’s lives. My current line of work is so rewarding and I am so glad I found something extremely fulfilling. My background prior to NFG was in videography and at one point that was my chosen career path. What makes it similar to NFG is that videography allows you to tell stories and connect with people on a personal level. By using NFG’s software and coaching, organizations can leverage the power of those personal stories and their impact on people’s lives to raise more awareness for their mission. Spreading that good word. As I continue my tenure with NFG, my goal is to help as many organizations as I can raise more money, and in turn, help more people.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I love the human interaction and I especially enjoy speaking with our nonprofit partners daily. That’s my primary motivation behind coming to work. Every day I love hearing about more nonprofits and their missions to see how I can get behind the work they’re doing and help them reach new heights. The small organizations we speak with are organizations the greater public might not know exist. Unfortunately, they’re not getting that national press or recognition that I believe every nonprofit we collaborate with should receive.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? 

Outside of work is just as important because I’m able to recharge my batteries. NFG is great because the work-life balance is wonderful and everyone really values and respects each other’s personal time. I enjoy spending time with family and girlfriend. We love to ride our bikes on the trails around Rock Creek Park. Growing up in D.C. has also made me quite a foodie and two of my favorite local eateries are Zaytinya and Agora.

Lightning Round

Dream vacation? Always wanted to go to Italy. That’s where my family’s from and always a place I see on Food Network and Travel Channel that has excellent food and great architecture. Tour of the country and hopefully go within the next year.

Most recent book read? Altered Carbon” by Richard K. Morgan. It is a sci-fi novel has been made into a series currently airing on Netflix. Would absolutely recommend.

Last movie seen in movie theater? To be honest, I really don’t go to the movies often. However, I do remember it was a comedy of some sort

Theme song? Theme song from “The Office”

Favorite color? Purple

All time favorite athlete? As a Liverpool fan, it has to be Steven Gerrard, who was one of the best captains the team has ever had. He also captained England’s national team for many years


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