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Network For Good Staff Profile: Matt Fetty

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Matt is no stranger to making people laugh and providing the team with musical entertainment by way of his favorite artist, Taylor Swift. As a Sales Manager, Matt coaches his team in order to provide the best possible experience for small to mid-size nonprofits to help them achieve their mission. In his free time, you can catch Matt jamming out to T-Swift, playing rugby, or rooting for his alma mater, Clemson University.

“ It’s a treat to come into work every day to work with others who are so keen on growing themselves and also helping our clientele succeed at the same time.”

Q&A with Matt Fetty, Sales Manager

What do you do at Network for Good?

I am a Sales Manager at Network for Good managing eight Fundraising Sales Consultants. On a daily basis, you can find me holding coaching sessions with my team and facilitating meetings with other departments. As a Sales Manager, I’m continuously working to foster a healthy relationship between the Sales Team and the rest of the departments so we can continue to level the fundraising playing field for small nonprofits.

What is your experience with nonprofit organizations outside of Network for Good?

I serve on the board for the Clemson Rugby Foundation where I participate in monthly board meetings with our other founding members. I’m tasked with engaging our younger alumni members and encouraging donors to contribute to the foundation after graduation. It’s been a rewarding experience to learn first hand what it is like to manage an all-volunteer nonprofit!

What attracts you to nonprofits? 

During my days at Clemson University, I was a member of Habitat for Humanity and engaged in a number of other volunteering opportunities. When I graduated from Clemson, I immediately became involved in the Clemson Rugby Foundation and soon realized how hard running a small nonprofit can be.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I love my interactions with my direct team and everyone else across Network for Good. It’s a treat to come into work every day to work with others who are so keen on growing themselves and also helping our clientele succeed at the same time.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? 

In my spare time, I still play a little bit of rugby although I usually leave with a few more bumps & bruises than I used to!  I have a rooftop, so I love grilling during the summer and am a brunch enthusiast. During the Fall, you can probably find me Thursday – Monday night watching football and rooting the Clemson Tigers & Baltimore Ravens on to victory!

Lightning Round

Dream vacation? I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand.

Most recent book read? Legacy” by James Kerr, which is a leadership-focused book with a rugby element.

Last movie seen in movie theater? “Avengers: Endgame”

Theme song? “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Favorite color? Blue… But after being a Clemson fan for the last 10+ years, Blue & Orange are probably in a tie at the top.

All time favorite athlete? 2 Hall of Famers in their respective sports – Cal Ripken Jr. (Baseball – Baltimore Orioles) & Brett Favre (Football – Green Bay Packers).


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