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Pump Up Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page with These 10 Tips

At the Social Media for Nonprofits conference, Carie Lewis of the Humane Society of the United States shared how her organization’s Facebook strategy has raised about $200,000 per year. Even if you don’t have a full-time social media team, here are 10 ways you can pump up your nonprofit’s Facebook page:

HSUS Facebook Page to Help You Pump Up Your Nonprofit Facebook Page
(Credit: HSUS/Facebook)
  1. The Humane Society focuses 70% of their social media time on Facebook because that’s the platform their constituents use most. Find out which platforms your constituents like so that you don’t devote time to the wrong platform.
  2. People join Facebook to connect with their friends and families, not with companies, so make sure you communicate like a real person.
  3. Facebook success isn’t about how many friends you have or how many “Likes” you get; it’s about actions. Do your fans do what you want them to do? Do you reach out to them so that they come back to your page?
  4. You must be relevant, interesting, concise, responsive, and add value. Ninety-percent of people who “Like” a page never visit it again, so give fans a reason to keep coming back. Interact, ask for input, and make sure social media links are on all of your materials: emails, websites, event registration pages, you name it.
  5. Even if you’ve answered the same question a million times, answer it again. Answer absolutely everyone and answer them in a timely manner.
  6. Social media is a great way to show people how their time, money, and efforts are making a difference. Be sure to close the loop on fundraising and report back to your supporters.
  7. Make your page a safe place to visit with a commenting and privacy policy. You will inevitably have to deal with negative comments—create a response strategy that is positive and nonconfrontational.
  8. Facebook users love to feel engaged. Post photos, videos, competitions, just make sure you know Facebook’s rules! Also beware of autoposting your Twitter feed onto Facebook. This will make your fans feel less valued.
  9. People are becoming inundated by corporate, branded Facebook posts. If you take over your fans’ feeds, they’ll defriend you because they’ll feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you never use your page, fans will be uninspired and you’ll be missing out on an energize them.
  10. If your fans wanted to read all about you, they’d go to your website. Use Facebook to interact and provide personalized responses, even for FAQ, not to overbearingly push a product and sell, sell, sell

Remember, the ultimate goal of Facebook is to connect, connect, connect! Connect with your fans like one of their friends by making your posts personal, and people will be more inclined to participate.

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