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Nonprofit Spotlight: Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

Network for Good works with so many amazing nonprofits and we want to introduce you to them and the great work they are doing! This week we want to introduce you to someone close to our home office here in Washington, DC. We love supporting our customers with great online fundraising tools and in real life: this weekend we’ll be putting on our running shoes and hitting the trails for the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project’s annual Defenders of Play 5k.

Meet Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

Nonprofit Spotlight: Children's Playtime Project

Creative play is vital to a child’s development. It encourages confidence, self-expression, and exploration. Children experiencing homelessness often lack access to safe places to play in shelters and transitional housing. Luckily, families in DC have The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project, an organization committed to nurturing healthy child development and reducing the affects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs. With a large volunteer base and program sites across the city, Playtime Project gives young children and teens a safe space to play while lifting up the voices of families to ensure that safe, supportive shelters and affordable housing remain priorities in the District.

Supporting Volunteers

Playtime volunteers supervise play rooms, coordinate events, help with administrative duties, fundraise, and advocate for the needs of homeless families. Without volunteers, communications and outreach manager Kelli Beyer readily admits that Playtime wouldn’t be able to accomplish what it has. Last year, Playtime trained 376 volunteers who made a weekly commitment to working with the organization. With no full time coordinator, recruiting, training, and supporting these volunteers is a team effort. It’s clear their effort to recognize and celebrate volunteers as the vital asset they are has paid off: nearly 50% of new volunteers say they heard about Playtime from another supporter. It’s that level of passionate engagement with the organization’s mission that makes Playtime such a success.

Why We’re Running with Playtime

Not only do we love the mission, we can’t resist the opportunity to dress up, have a little fun, and defend kid’s right to play!

Homeless Children's Playtime Project 5K

Homeless Children's Playtime Project 5K

Homeless Children's Playtime Project 5K

For more 5K photos, head over to their Facebook Page (and like them while you’re there)!

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