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Our Top 4 Takeaways from the Millennial Alumni Study Research Update

Thanks to our friends at Achieve, we have valuable new insights into how Millennial alumni think, act, and support their alma maters and favorite organizations. Here are our key takeaways:

  1. Millennials need to feel truly connected to the cause. What does that mean? Millennials need to understand why their money or time is needed and what effect their involvement will have on something or someone. The best way to illustrate this: through vibrant, engaging, meaningful stories of impact from your organization. The millennial connection is established when they feel tapped into the impact of your organization. This could happen by getting to know a scholarship recipient, going on a tour of a new center or exhibit, or meeting the individuals who seek shelter at your organization’s establishment.
  2. Communicate effectively and efficiently. Millennials far and wide prefer to be contacted via email than any other form of communication. However, this preference means constant email overload. The Millennial Alumni report found that 73% of respondents said that they want to receive email from their alma mater at least monthly. Brief highlights and digests of news and happenings on campus or at your organization are what this group is asking for!
  3. The online giving process must be easy and meaningful, not just a transaction. As part of this new release, the study looked at 35 alumni who were first-time donors. Of those, every donor under the age of 35 gave their gift online. Not surprising. What is very surprising is that 89% of these donors received a canned thank you/tax receipt email within 24 hours, but only one donor received a thank you phone call within nearly a month of his donation. The first-time donor’s experience is crucial. Receiving an automated email with a “dear friend” salutation just does not cut it with this group.
  4. Engagement leads to donations. This study update reinforced the continued importance of involving millennials as volunteers first to truly connect them with your cause. For some organizations, organizing volunteers and finding meaningful work can be difficult, but there are many ways to get millennials involved without creating more work for your organization. Have some key messages you want shared through social media? Pre-write some posts and share them with your volunteers so they can be your social ambassadors!

Want to learn more about the findings from the Millennial Alumni Study and the Millennial Impact Report? Tune in tomorrow for our free Nonprofit911 webinar, Millennial Alumni Study: Key Takeaways for the Nonprofit Sector. Register here!

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