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Peer To Peer Fundraising Software Extends Your Nonprofit Donor Base

Peer To Peer Fundraising Software

Peer to peer fundraising software is a dream come true for charity fundraising. Peer fundraising simply means to raise money online by supporters encouraging their friends to donate. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have famously raised millions over the last few years for everything from music albums to high tech devices.

Social media makes it easier still, since supporters don’t even have to do much “asking.” They really only have to share your post, but it helps if they include a personal message to their friends. This is becoming more important with the increase in paid ads in social media feeds. Users tend to scan quickly over ads, so you want to encourage your supporters to include a personal message so their friends will stop and give your post their full attention.

Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Designed for Nonprofits

Network for Good’s GiveCorps crowdfunding software is designed to facilitate peer to peer fundraising for nonprofits. The basic principles are the same as those of other crowdfunding platforms, but charity fundraising differs from private funding in a few ways, so GiveCorps is tailored to meet the needs of the nonprofit niche.

Easy Outreach

Nonprofit organizations have always depended to some degree on donations. Asking donors to help bring in additional contributions is a normal part of traditional charity fundraising, but peer to peer fundraising software makes it easy, and better yet, fun.

Donors want to give in a way that will have the most impact. Good peer to peer fundraising software will make it easy to show just what their donations will do. Photographs of the work you do, and especially images of actual people that you have served, make a real connection with potential donors.

Engaging Teams

Team fundraisers are fun for participants and tend to be successful fundraisers because of the competitive element. Teams can be based on existing groups like sports teams, but can also be recruited just for the fundraiser. A big company may have a team within each department, but people in a smaller company can work together as one team and challenge a business competitor to outmatch them at charity fundraising. They get to indulge the instinct to compete, but there are no hard feelings in the end because it all goes to a good cause.

Regardless of how well the teams do, your nonprofit wins because, in addition to the funds raised, everyone who participated is now a supporter. The team competition may become an annual event, but if not, some of the individuals are likely to do their own peer fundraising on your behalf next time you ask them to.

To learn more about how your organization can leverage peer fundraising, download our free eBook, The Crowdfunding Craze. And, to learn more about Network for Good’s peer fundraising solution, GiveCorps, give us a call at 1-855-229-1694.

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