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Raise Money Online for Your Nonprofit Cause with Strong Branding

The mechanics of fundraising online are different from those of traditional fundraising, but some of the best fundraising basics for nonprofits remain the same. Utilizing your brand in everything you do is one of them.

Your Brand Represents You to Donors

You have probably put a lot of thought, and hopefully research, into developing your brand. A great logo can be a powerful symbol of your cause and can bring your organization’s work to mind in an instant.

Your website should be developed with brand colors, designs, fonts, and images that are consistent with your printed material and displays at your location. These things all work together to represent you in the minds of your donors (and potential donors).

Being Consistent Makes You Recognizable

By using your branding consistently in electronic communications, you build on its familiarity. Whenever you send out email or post online, be sure your branding is prominent. Your followers get a lot of email and social media input every day. You want yours to stand out so it will get opened or clicked on, and one way to do that is to make your communications easily recognizable.

Branding is especially important when you are asking for online donations on fundraising websites. Donors who see your logo and colors are more confident that they are in the right place and that their donation will actually go to your cause. It’s possible to just set up a PayPal page for donations, but a branded fundraising website is much more effective.

Make Your “Sender” Identity Clear

Email should always show your organization’s name, or a prominent person’s name, in the sender field. If readers receive an email from a museum or from the president of a university, for example, they are much more likely to open it than if it comes from “Jane Doe” or some other unknown entity.

If you want people to open your email, you need a good subject line as well. The subject should clearly indicate who you are and what the message relates to. Advertising come-ons like “You’ve got to see this!” don’t usually work when recipients are scanning through their email inboxes to decide if anything is important enough to actually read. However, some marketers have found it beneficial to include “[Time Sensitive]” in the subject line when there is a deadline involved. It must be followed by a true indicator of the importance of your email, though.

None of this is actually new marketing information, but in taking on the evolving electronic forms of fundraising, some of these ideas have been tossed aside. It turns out that, in some ways, digital media is very much like traditional forms of fundraising, and consistent branding is still fundamental to establishing an organization’s identity.

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