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The Secret to Effectively Marketing Your Fundraising Event

Because a fundraising event can be expensive, it’s important to maximize your investment with a targeted outreach strategy. Your goals should be to increase ticket sales, improve word of mouth buzz, create more invested supporters, and ultimately raise more money. But if you focus on just one more thing, your marketing can be exponentially more effective.

When planning an event, it’s important to ask: “Why will people attend?” Event360 suggests guests come because of an …

1. Affinity to Participants

This is especially true for fundraising events like marathons, where attendees might come to cheer someone on, or if there will be a guest speaker or entertainment, a guest might attend for that speaker or performance.

2. Affinity to an Activity

If you have an activity such as a golf tournament or a wine tasting, someone who loves the links or is deeply interested in wine collecting might attend for the activity.

3. Affinity to a Third-Party Group

Guests whose employers have a relationship with your nonprofit or a relationship with a corporate sponsor might attend to support them.

4. Affinity to a Cause

Your guest might be passionate about the beneficiary of your event, such as animals or the environment.

5. Affinity to an Organization

If someone is a dedicated fan of your organization, he is more likely to attend your event.

Remember, people might have one or more reasons to attend your fundraising event. It can be challenging to address each type of attendee, but it can also be a great opportunity to gain new supporters. Start with your invitations and registration pages, which should answer:

1. Why them?

What’s in it for your guest? Do you mention the activity or sponsor they might be interested in? Why are they receiving your invitation, and why should it matter to them?

2. What for?

What’s the impact of the event, and what’s going to happen as a result of it? Do you clearly state what will happen to the proceeds you raise?

3. Who says?

Do you make it clear who the invitation is coming from? If your guest has an affinity to a participant or an activity, are you interesting them with a quote from a sponsor, a celebrity, someone who attended last year, or someone who benefitted from the event?

4. Why now?

Is there a date sensitive element you can include to encourage participation, such as early bird pricing of a limited number of VIP tickets?

When crafting your marketing strategy, think about your different types of guests so that you can market to everyone and maximize your donations. Network for Good’s Event Ticketing and Registration software can help you communicate your message to attendees and raise more money for your mission.

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