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Set Up a Customized Donation Page

Your donation page, like everything else you put on your fundraising website, needs to be fully customizable. Your organization is unique, and your supporters need your pages to clearly tell them about your mission and your goals, and to connect with them emotionally when they are making donations. A generic payment processor's page just won't cut it.

Make Your Online Fundraising Sites as Personal as Your Literature

When you create printed materials that are designed to inspire charitable contributions, you use pictures and tell stories. Your website is simply a digital canvas of your materials through which you can expand your reach immensely. Online, you don't have to limit pictures to what fits on a tri-fold brochure or cut stories to one paragraph. The possibilities are limitless. Printing images is expensive, but publishing them on web pages and social media costs nothing, so use them whenever you can.

Site visitors are barraged by distractions. Not only does "real life" often demand their attention while they are on your site, but also email, tweets, and miscellaneous notifications can pull their focus away from your message, not to mention the millions of other websites they could be reading. That's why it's so important to make your pages engaging. Give your audience something to look at that really grabs them, then tell a story that touches their emotions. Show them how important your work is, and make them feel a part of it. Remember, when they click through to your donation page, they still need to feel a part of your experience.

Include Your Branding

Branding is much more than an advertising tool. All aspects of your brand (including your logo, colors, catchphrases, and anything else that your supporters identify with you) help create the feeling of connectedness that people crave. They must be on your donation website.

Visual elements connect with site visitors' brains immediately, even before they have a conscious thought about what they are looking at. We're wired that way. Our vision and neural responses are immediate, then our cognitive senses kick in as we make the conscious effort to read the words on a page. When someone who knows and likes your organization arrives at a donation page and is greeted by familiar images, they instantly know they are at the right place, so they are more comfortable making a donation.

Make It Easy to Find

Once you have your donation page set up, you need to be sure people can find it. Don't be shy about promoting the link to it on printed literature about your organization as well as your other web pages and social media sites. It's a well-known phenomenon in sales and marketing that, though it may seem obvious, you have to tell people what you want them to do. Say something like "Visit our page," or "Click here to…" You need to tell them to go to the donation page in a compelling way that means now. A "Donate Now" button works well!

Network for Good has a blog with more free information on how to set up an effective donation page and how to be successful at nonprofit fundraising. We also have specialists available to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts, so contact us today or call 1-888-284-7978 x1.

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