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Share the Joy: It’s Irresistible (Giving Day Case Study)

Giving Day Joy 2

Take a look at these Facebook posts sharing unforgettable moments from the 2015 Giving Challenge, a “24-hour giving event supporting more than 400 nonprofits serving (Florida’s) Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties.”

These folks went all night—hard. These Facebook outtakes are fun, energized, and supremely human—a trifecta that makes these posts as impossible to resist as the most powerful magnet.

But most important for your organization is the massive smile I know they bring to your face. Your organization can harness the same power of happiness to make your Giving Tuesday (December 1, 2015) more successful than ever before. Here’s how:

Be Conscious of the Joy of Joy

It’s not that our causes, impact, or responsibilities are a joke. Nor is every moment of our paid or volunteer work a lot of fun.

But when there’s work to do, it’s much more appealing to join in when folks bring their joy to the cause or the way they tackle their responsibilities. These posts showcase both brands of joy and make me want to volunteer and to give.

Hardwire Your Magical Moments

Joy doesn’t matter if you don’t notice it. So change the way you roll out your organization’s Giving Tuesday!

Retrain yourself via these two steps from psychologist Rick Hanson, author of Hardwiring Happiness:

  1. Turn positive events into positive experiences. All kinds of good things happen in our daily life that we hardly notice at all, and if we do, we don’t feel it. Change that—today. This is an opportunity to feel good.Giving Day Joy
  2. Savor your joy. The way to remember something is to make it intense, felt in the body, and lasting. That’s how we give those neurons lots and lots of time to fire together so they start wiring together. So rather than noticing joy and feeling good for a couple of seconds, stay with it so it really starts developing neural structure.

A smile is a great place to start. Smiles fire up those neurons to reinforce your happiness. Bonus? It’s contagious, so your friends and colleagues might get happy, too.

Once you’ve had some practice, ask your key fundraising colleagues and volunteers to jump aboard. Their WIIFM is that expressing joy will make them happier and is likely to generate more donations.

Capture and Share Happy Moments on Giving Tuesday (and Beyond)

Magnetic isn’t a mystery! There’s a proven recipe to motivate the actions you’d like your people to take—to register, donate, volunteer, or participate.

Capture happy moments—in photos, videos, a quote—and share them far and wide. Then do it again. Happiness begets happiness!

P.S. Warning: Meta-happiness ahead. This Harvard study found that happier people give more and that giving makes people happier. Smile!

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