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Plan Your Year-End Campaign in 7 Steps 

October 27, 2010

By: Network for Good

Year-end fundraising is a key time to raise money while supporters are in a generous mood and looking to make tax-deductible donations before the end of the year. To make the most of this season of giving, you need to have a clear fundraising plan to guide you and to share with your staff. Photo… Read More

Your Google Analytics Questions Answered! 

October 21, 2010

By: Network for Good

Your nonprofit website’s ability to convert visitors should be top of mind for program managers, fundraisers and executive directors. When you use Google Analytics, you’ll have true visibility into what your visitors do online. Don’t get trapped in endless meetings where your team argues about web sit… Read More

Fitting Online Outreach into an Overall Fundraising Strategy 

July 22, 2010

By: Network for Good

Why Raise Funds Online? The Impact:  Online fundraising studies have repeatedly proven that engaging donors through multiple channels – online and off – yields the best results, with donors giving more, more often. If you’re only relying on offline channels, you’re missing an opportunity to significantly incre… Read More

3 Surefire Ways to Use Twitter To Promote Your Organization 

June 24, 2010

By: Network for Good

If you’re contemplating committing time to engaging people on Twitter – and it does take time – you need to ask yourself a bunch of other questions first. 1.      Lay A Solid Online Outreach Foundation The first question you should ask yourself as a fundraiser is, do you have your most basic online outreach … Read More

Mastering the Art of Writing a Good Tweet to Promote Your News 

June 23, 2010

By: Network for Good

Boosting the visibility of your message in Twitter searches is easy with PR Newswire’s Social Post™ news release distribution service. Simply submit a news release summary (under 100 characters) with your full release, and PR Newswire will post your message to followers of our general and industry-specific Twitter … Read More

How to Define Your Target Audience: Is Your Nonprofit a Match for Your Community? 

June 22, 2010

By: Network for Good

Many nonprofits make the mistake of trying to get the people they want to reach to think exactly like them, when they really should focus on getting people to take action by understanding their audiences better. Nonprofit marketing results don’t require the target audience to accept the worldview of the marketer befo… Read More

Where Are You in a Digital World? 

April 14, 2010

By: Network for Good

Online Fundraising Change #1: Get Online if You’re Not Already There Do you know where your online donations are? In order to make the most of the technology and opportunities available today, your organization needs to have the basics of an online presence covered: A well-branded, easy-to-use website The ability… Read More

Creating an E-Newsletter Your Readers Will Always Open 

February 18, 2010

By: Network for Good

Nonprofits usually produce newsletters for one of two reasons: They use the newsletter to provide a service, including education. This is especially true for membership organizations or groups that serve professionals in a field. They use the newsletter to build support, financial and otherwise. The newsletter is seen… Read More

5 Tips For Increasing Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Website 

February 16, 2010

By: Network for Good

I’m not an SEO expert, and I’ve never played one on TV. But here are some tips I’ve learning along the way. They’ll help raise your nonprofit website’s visibility with search engines so that people will find your site much more easily. Figure out what search terms people are currently usin… Read More

5 Tips for Choosing Your Nonprofit URL 

February 16, 2010

By: Network for Good

Getting a memorable domain name is a very important step in online fundraising. All fundraising, really. Donors often check out an organization’s website before making a gift, so putting thought into your domain name can help you raise more money. Generally, of course, you’ll want to choose the name of your… Read More

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