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Choosing the Right Social Network: Two Quick Places to Start 

September 2, 2008

By: Network for Good

What social networking site should you use to reach potential donors? The answer is this: It depends on your audience. You need to determine what your audience needs from you and where they already live online in order to choose the best sites to court supporters. Here are two places to start your search/investigation:… Read More

10 Common Objections to Social Media Adoption and How You Can Respond 

August 21, 2008

By: Network for Good

It can be hard to convince leadership that working with social media doesn’t mean they’ve been paying you to catch up with friends on Facebook. You’ve probably heard some of the objections. But there are ways you can respond. Here’s a list of common objections, along with suggestions for counter… Read More

Choosing Donor Software: Things to Remember 

July 22, 2008

By: Network for Good

Don’t have a Technology Plan? Now might be a good time to put one together. There are many resources available to assist you with this. Remember that this process will not just impact development – but other departments as well. A strong technology plan and strategy will ensure the best choice possible. Hir… Read More

Create an Online Fundraising Plan: Know Your Numbers 

June 9, 2008

By: Network for Good

Empathetic. Donor-centric. Sympathetic. Your marketing communications are “ticking” along as they should be. But, as we’re all painfully aware, the right-side of the  brain just loves piping in to talk about numbers, figures, trends and goals. Instead of telling that portion of the brain to buzz o… Read More

Create Personas to Bridge the Gap with Target Audiences 

April 28, 2008

By: Network for Good

Before your organization embarks on any communications planning or implementing a campaign, it’s vital to understand the interests, perspectives, needs and goals of your base and other audiences, and their behavioral patterns. That’s the only way to connect your nonprofit’s goals — be they build… Read More

Starting a Cause on Facebook 

April 23, 2008

By: Network for Good

Causes is a tool that lets you easily fundraise and recruit supporters for your nonprofit on the popular social network Facebook. For nonprofit organizations, there are two components of Causes: 1) your Official Nonprofit Profile, and 2) the different cause(s) on Facebook benefiting your nonprofit, which any Facebook u… Read More

Network for Good DonateNow by the Numbers 

April 17, 2008

By: Network for Good

Did you know that people gave more than $7 billion online to charity last year? With Network for Good’s DonateNow service, we can help your nonprofit get your share. DonateNow is an online donation processing service for nonprofits to accept credit card gifts on the web. And with a low monthly fee of only $49.95,… Read More

Is right for your Nonprofit? 

April 16, 2008

By: Network for Good

This document is meant to be a short starting point for nonprofits to make a decision if is a good choice for their nonprofit. It will give some introduction to what does, and the benefits and risks involved in using it. What is (NYSE:CRM) is a San Francisco … Read More

Network for Good DonateNow Lite versus PayPal 

April 8, 2008

By: Network for Good

Need to start online fundraising? Have you checked out PayPal or Google Checkout? It’s time to consider a better (but still free!) solution. Network for Good provides a free online fundraising service to registered 501(c)3 organizations — DonateNow Lite. How does DonateNow Lite compare to Paypal? Donor exp… Read More

What Network for Good Services Will Do for Your Organization 

April 3, 2008

By: Network for Good

New to online fundraising? Disappointed with your online fundraising results? It’s time to upgrade your online fundraising strategy with a service that has an average gift of $140. Network for Good’s mission is to make online fundraising easy and affordable for nonprofits. With Network for Good’s Dona… Read More

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