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Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach 

May 8, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

People are influenced by innumerable whims, impulses, and values. You never know what marketing and fundraising strategies and tactics will work best until you test them. That is why testing is a must for nonprofits.   Photo credit: Big Stock Photo Don’t just trust your gut; run experiments. We’re doing our ca… Read More

Is Your Online Donation Page Ready for Prime Time? 

January 19, 2011

By: Network for Good

Nonprofit marketing friends and fundraisers, now is the time to get your online donate form in shape for year-end fundraising. Photo Source: Big Stock Photo Your online donation page should: Be as short as possible: Ideally your form should be one page and include a minimum of fields. Be branded to look like your organ… Read More

This Isn’t About You: The Cures for Nonprofit Narcissism and the Belief that Need Is Enough to Drive Action 

April 21, 2010

By: Network for Good

Online Fundraising Change #3: Rethink and Restructure Your Donor Relationships The biggest thing that needs to change for nonprofit organizations this year is how we think about our donors. We are in the midst of an enormous generational shift that has major implications for our work. The Greatest Generation of older, … Read More

Top 4 Ways to Ensure Last-Minute Giving Success 

December 17, 2009

By: Network for Good

If you haven’t sent your year-end online appeal yet, there’s still time! Photo source: Big Stock Photo You aren’t the only procrastinator – your online donors are just like you. At Network for Good we process donations for about 40,000 nonprofits annually, and our data reveals that out of the 365 days in th… Read More

How to Ask for Donations on Your Website 

April 7, 2009

By: Network for Good

We’re glass-half-full types of people around here, and realize that for every “don’t,” there should be a “do” in improving our online fundraising and marketing. Here are the six “dos” of asking for donations on your website. Make it painfully easy to find the “donat… Read More

3 Tips to Engaging Potential Donors 

March 9, 2009

By: Network for Good

Too often nonprofits take the time crafting a new-fangled way of saying “donate now,” and not enough time polishing the context. Here are a few quick tips for building a bridge and engaging with a potential donor before making “the ask”: Make it about them – not about you. Sending a commu… Read More

One Fool-Proof Way to Make Donating Easier for Donors 

February 11, 2009

By: Network for Good

At Network for Good, we love donate buttons. Big, bold, juicy, bordering-on-obnoxious donate buttons. Sadly, during an informal survey of more than two dozen nonprofit websites, we found tiny, buried buttons gasping to see the light of day and clicking action. Why does this matter? Research shows that size DOES matter:… Read More

Building Trust and Transparency 

February 4, 2009

By: Network for Good

We’ve entered a Catch-22 of sorts these days: Constituents need our organizations’ programs, support and mission activities more than ever, but the nationwide belt-tightening is affecting our donors. (Don’t worry: They’re definitely still giving — especially online!) So how do you keep th… Read More

How to Approach Your Old and New Donors 

June 19, 2008

By: Network for Good

Now you’re ready to start asking. There are two groups for you to ask from: those who already know you and those who don’t. Those Who Know You Those who know you are probably already enthralled with what you’re doing. Ask them for money! Especially the board members. Major donor and foundations may we… Read More

4 Website Tweaks to Increase Donations 

March 17, 2008

By: Network for Good

Improving your nonprofit website is more than a just facelift — tactical changes can help you get more donors and increase your donation amounts. The key is to tailor your site, and especially your nonprofit home page, to make it easy for your supporters to donate.    Photo Source: Big Stock Photo After sp… Read More

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