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The 3 Things Your Donor Thank You Must Do 

December 17, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

Want to start the off on the right foot with your donors?  Take the time to show your gratitude and to differentiate yourself in a way that advances your mission and deepens your relationships with donors. Remember: having a memorable thank you is the first step in retaining more donors. Photo Source: Big Stock Photo… Read More

How to Combat Donor Fatigue 

July 10, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

Many organizations say: “We are a small nonprofit with a small, tired donor base. What can we do about donor fatigue?” The Answer? If you have a small, tired donor base, you’re not alone. It bears repeating: the number-one reason people stop giving to a nonprofit is how they were treated by the nonpro… Read More

Why ‘I’m Sorry’ is So Powerful 

July 19, 2011

By: Network for Good

I’ve had a lot of chances to practice apologizing, because I’ve made so many mistakes in my life. What’s been so interesting to me is that when I’ve made mistakes at work and publicly expressed remorse, I have found people are full of grace, compassion and forgiveness.  I’ve concluded that to err is human an… Read More

What Your Donors Aren’t Telling You 

June 29, 2011

By: Network for Good

What exactly are your donors thinking? Have you ever thought about the millions of thoughts running through their heads when faced with the opportunity to donate? Are they thinking certain things and just not telling you? Photo source: Big Stock Photo   1. They’re unhappy.  Customer experience guru John Goodman… Read More

How “Wow!” Experiences Create Lifetime Donors 

April 21, 2011

By: Network for Good is an online shoe and apparel store whose mission is to deliver happiness through a philosophy of providing exemplary customer service to WOW! customers. Ever wonder if your organization could do the same? A WOW! experience starts with the “Thank you.” Donors want to be sincerely thanked, so shy … Read More

How Strong Relationships Increase Fundraising Results 

January 13, 2011

By: Network for Good

Online giving is skyrocketing, thanks in part to the many different ways donors can now give online — nonprofit websites, donation portals, social networks, mobile. Photo Source: Big Stock Photo One thing remains true: the reasons people give online are not that different from the reasons they give elsewhere. Jus… Read More

The Triple-threat of Successful Stewardship: Be Generous, Grateful … and Lazy? 

May 6, 2010

By: Network for Good

Online Fundraising Change #7: Point More Than You Build At about this point in this series, you’re probably wondering, “How the heck am I supposed to find time to do all this?” There are two answers for this: You will spend more time on all of your work if you don’t spend time on these… Read More

Five Ways to Cultivate Your Donors—Personally 

June 5, 2009

By: Network for Good

We say you must have two personal contacts per year with each of your major donors. Here are five suggestions for the most personal and effective ways to keep in touch and develop a relationship with each donor: Call them! Have your CEO or a board member call your donors, whether it is to thank… Read More

A Sample Donor Appreciation Certificate 

March 30, 2009

By: Network for Good

What is the number one reason donors become “one-time” instead of “recurring”? Donors cite the number-one reason for ceasing their support as this: It was the way I was treated by charity, from not being thanked to an avalanche of needy appeals. You need a thank-you message that says to your don… Read More

Rapid Donor Cultivation 

August 19, 2008

By: Network for Good

Common Knowledge is pleased to share a new online fundraising concept that they are pioneering–read an excerpt from the white paper here: Common Knowledge presents a new concept in online fundraising—Rapid Donor Cultivation (RDC). The motivation for this service is the maximization of the return on investment (R… Read More

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