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How Strong Relationships Increase Fundraising Results 

January 13, 2011

By: Network for Good

Online giving is skyrocketing, thanks in part to the many different ways donors can now give online — nonprofit websites, donation portals, social networks, mobile. Photo Source: Big Stock Photo One thing remains true: the reasons people give online are not that different from the reasons they give elsewhere. Jus… Read More

The Triple-threat of Successful Stewardship: Be Generous, Grateful … and Lazy? 

May 6, 2010

By: Network for Good

Online Fundraising Change #7: Point More Than You Build At about this point in this series, you’re probably wondering, “How the heck am I supposed to find time to do all this?” There are two answers for this: You will spend more time on all of your work if you don’t spend time on these… Read More

Five Ways to Cultivate Your Donors—Personally 

June 5, 2009

By: Network for Good

We say you must have two personal contacts per year with each of your major donors. Here are five suggestions for the most personal and effective ways to keep in touch and develop a relationship with each donor: Call them! Have your CEO or a board member call your donors, whether it is to thank… Read More

A Sample Donor Appreciation Certificate 

March 30, 2009

By: Network for Good

What is the number one reason donors become “one-time” instead of “recurring”? Donors cite the number-one reason for ceasing their support as this: It was the way I was treated by charity, from not being thanked an avalanche of needy appeals. You need a thank-you message that says to your donors… Read More

Rapid Donor Cultivation 

August 19, 2008

By: Network for Good

Common Knowledge is pleased to share a new online fundraising concept that they are pioneering–read an excerpt from the white paper here: Common Knowledge presents a new concept in online fundraising—Rapid Donor Cultivation (RDC). The motivation for this service is the maximization of the return on investment (R… Read More

The Seven Things Everyone Wants: What Freud and Buddha Understood about Nonprofit Outreach 

March 26, 2008

By: Network for Good

There are seven deep human needs to remember when creating nonprofit campaigns. (These are not to be confused with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!) The old marketing and fundraising playbooks don’t work anymore. It is time to reinvent nonprofit marketing and communications for a new era using The Seven Deep Hu… Read More

New Donor Bonding: The Amazing Value of Loyal Donors 

November 28, 2007

By: Network for Good

New donor acquisition is the life blood of your organization. In order to grow, and reap the benefit of increased revenue, you must acquire more new donors each year than you lose plus more to fuel growth. The most successful nonprofit organizations have ongoing acquisition programs that generate a steady stream of new… Read More

How to Cultivate Donors Online: The “Field of Dreams” Problem and How to Fix It 

November 20, 2007

By: Network for Good

In your quest for online fundraising supremacy you may fall into “The Field of Dreams” syndrome: “If you build it, they will come.” That sentiment is completely false when it comes to online fundraising. Believing it will result in the failure of getting your message out to enough people and int… Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Next Fundraising Appeal 

November 20, 2007

By: Network for Good

One of the major obstacles you can run into while fundraising online is sending out the wrong message. This is known as the “it’s all about us” disease. Many nonprofits fall into this category, where all of their communications read like an “About Us” page. Your mission statement, the hist… Read More

Be Your Donor Day 

November 20, 2007

By: Network for Good

I used to be Donor Services Supervisor for a large nonprofit, which meant my department was largely responsible for how donors were treated. A month into my new job (and I’m embarrassed it took me so long), I gave a small donation via our 800 number and was horrified at how badly it was handled.… Read More

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