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Facebook Ads – Are They Right For Your Nonprofit? 

May 29, 2014

By: Caryn Stein

Much has been written recently about the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and its pay-to-play philosophy. Many nonprofits who spent years or months building up an engaged online community on the biggest social network are now seeing a dramatic decline in the number of fans they are able to reach with each post. If thi… Read More

Facebook for Fundraising: Worth It or Waste of Time? 

May 18, 2014

By: Caryn Stein

Your organization’s free Facebook ride is over! Now, when checking Facebook page activity stats (aka Insights) for our client organizations, I make sure to dive in with a sweet treat in hand. That’s because I need to balance the bad news—which tends to decrease followers and reach—with something good. I bet you… Read More

How to Use Memes to Spread Your Nonprofit’s Message 

July 23, 2013

By: Melissa Raimondi defines a meme as an idea, behavior, or usage that spreads from person to person. “Who shot J.R.?” and typing “0.7734” to reveal “hello” on an upside-down calculator were popular memes in the preinternet era. Online, memes often take the form of a graphic with wor… Read More

A Fabulous Facebook Welcome: Arts of Life 

April 24, 2013

By: Caryn Stein

I was pleasantly surprised by a message I received from Arts of Life, a Chicago-based nonprofit I recently “Liked“ on Facebook: “Hi Caryn! Thank you for ‘Liking’ The Arts of Life! We do paintings and drawing and we clean up the studio every day of the week! Not only do we clean up the stud… Read More

Facebook Tips for Nonprofits: How Sanctuary One Inspires and Connects with Supporters 

January 15, 2013

By: Caryn Stein

Facebook is great for more than just sharing photos of cute kittens and that amazing dim sum you had for lunch. Your nonprofit’s Facebook page can help you develop meaningful connections with your fans. Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm, a nonprofit care farm in Jacksonville, Oregon, has mastered the art of leveraging… Read More

What Facebook Reach Means for Nonprofits 

December 17, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

Have Facebook changes harmed social media engagement efforts for nonprofits and companies?  We wanted to get the scoop, so Network for Good’s Katya Andresen turned to Facebook expert, John Haydon. He provided these excellent, understandable and level-headed responses to the most common questions on why people see wh… Read More

How the New York Botanical Garden Uses Tumblr to Delight Their Fans 

July 12, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

There are many ways to leverage social media to showcase your nonprofit’s unique personality and point of view. Pairing compelling and relevant content with online channels such as blogs, social platforms and email can create a lasting impression of your organization. The New York Botanical Garden has done an amazin… Read More


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