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How to Get People to Say Nice Things About Your Nonprofit (And What to Do When They Don’t) 

June 13, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

“How do we get people to give our nonprofit great reviews?” I get asked how to do this all the time. It’s an important question in an era when charity rating sites allow reviews of nonprofits and anyone can proffer opinions good and bad online. Photo source: Big Stock Photo   Inkling Media has done a… Read More

How to Get Donors to Relate to Your Nonprofit—And Give More 

May 9, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

Giving is personal. The closer we feel to a cause, the more likely we are to give. Photo credit: Big Stock Photo   Just how much do personal connections influence giving? That’s the question Rebecca Ratner, Min Zhao, and Jennifer Clarke explored. They found that when people have a personal connection to a cause (or… Read More

Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach 

May 8, 2012

By: Caryn Stein

People are influenced by innumerable whims, impulses, and values. You never know what marketing and fundraising strategies and tactics will work best until you test them. That is why testing is a must for nonprofits.   Photo credit: Big Stock Photo Don’t just trust your gut; run experiments. We’re doing our ca… Read More

Cause Marketing 101: 5 Tactics for Raising Money from Businesses 

September 16, 2011

By: Network for Good

Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit.  Partnership implies equal work and equal reward for both the nonprofit and the company. Cause marketing programs should be win-win situations for everyone. This isn’t about companies giving you money. This is about companie… Read More

What Your Donors Aren’t Telling You 

June 29, 2011

By: Network for Good

What exactly are your donors thinking? Have you ever thought about the millions of thoughts running through their heads when faced with the opportunity to donate? Are they thinking certain things and just not telling you? Photo source: Big Stock Photo   1. They’re unhappy.  Customer experience guru John Goodman… Read More

Turn Supporters’ Time into Money through Polling and Surveys 

May 23, 2011

By: Network for Good

At Research for Good, we partner with nonprofits just like yours to turn your supporters’ time into revenue for your organization. Market researchers constantly need people to fill out online surveys and polls. We connect your supporters with those researches and then donate to your cause every time a supporter c… Read More

10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Gifts: A Mini-Manifesto 

April 22, 2011

By: Network for Good

If we want more donations - more gifts for our cause - we have to tap into our own, inner gifts. Here are the 10 gifts you should make sure you're leveraging when you reach out to your supporters.


Fundraising GiftsRead More

How “Wow!” Experiences Create Lifetime Donors 

April 21, 2011

By: Network for Good is an online shoe and apparel store whose mission is to deliver happiness through a philosophy of providing exemplary customer service to WOW! customers. Ever wonder if your organization could do the same? A WOW! experience starts with the “Thank you.” Donors want to be sincerely thanked, so shy … Read More

Microvolunteering: Why It’s Better Than Sliced Bread 

April 6, 2011

By: Network for Good

In today’s world, we live our lives on the internet. We communicate, learn, find loved ones, get our news and buy products all online. But, 90% of volunteering happens offline. Traditional offline volunteering has a lot of hoops to jump through. You normally Get online Search for an opportunity that interests you… Read More

Crowdrise and Its Potential for You and Your Supporters 

March 30, 2011

By: Network for Good

Everyone involved with good causes wants to make an impact. Crowdrise launched in May of 2010 with the simple goal of making giving fun.  We thought we could have the type of impact we wanted by making a site where even if the cause was extremely serious, people raising money for that cause could have… Read More

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