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How to Collect and Use Testimonials for Your Nonprofit 

July 7, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

Are you searching for more effective ways to build interest and action for your nonprofit? There’s no better way than letting your supporters and partners do the talking with testimonials. You’ve seen testimonials for every type of program, issue, and organization imaginable. A testimonial is a brief quote from a m… Read More

How to Measure the Impact of Your Nonprofit Marketing 

June 12, 2014

By: Nancy Schwartz

Ever since super-smart statistician Nate Silver brought presidential campaign data to the headlines in 2012, we’ve become a metrics-obsessed nation. That’s changed the life of most marketers I know, who have been asked (pressured even, in some cases) to harvest and analyze more data than ever before. This hyperfocu… Read More

Facebook Ads – Are They Right For Your Nonprofit? 

May 29, 2014

By: Caryn Stein

Much has been written recently about the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and its pay-to-play philosophy. Many nonprofits who spent years or months building up an engaged online community on the biggest social network are now seeing a dramatic decline in the number of fans they are able to reach with each post. If thi… Read More

5 Ways to Use Stories to Increase Donations 

April 28, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

There are infinite ways to tell your nonprofit stories, but do you know which ones will lead to more donations? Check out these great tips shared in our free webinar, How to Use Content to Boost Your Donations.   1. Tell personal stories through video. Many organizations are hesitant to make a video; it can… Read More

What to Expect from a Nonprofit Press Release 

April 24, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

Many nonprofits and small businesses want to know exactly what they can expect from a press release before they sacrifice a dime of their precious marketing budget. Press releases are not the holy grail of marketing and promotion, but they are utilized by for-profit companies and you shouldn’t overlook them when … Read More

The 4 Rs: Be Real, Relevant, Realistic, and Rewarding in Your Content Marketing 

April 24, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

As you start using content marketing to capture the hearts of your nonprofit supporters, remember to stay true to your organization with the four Rs: Be real, relevant, realistic, and, most importantly, rewarding! Here’s how: 1. Be real. When you’re talking about your nonprofit or cause, are you being real?… Read More

How to Grow Your Nonprofit Voice 

April 9, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

Now that you know the three reasons why your nonprofit needs content marketing, how do you get started? Just like with more traditional nonprofit communications, you need to define your voice for your audience. 1. Create a cohesive voice and style. If your nonprofit were a person, what kind of person would you want it… Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs Content Marketing 

March 25, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

Nonprofit communication is changing-and not just because of social media. Thanks to content marketing, instead of simply keeping donors up to date, nonprofit communicators and fundraisers are directly tying more long-term goals to communication and seeing great results. Here are the three reasons why you don’t wa… Read More

4 Steps to Making an Infographic for Your Nonprofit 

March 25, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

Want to add visual content with a data-focused approach to your existing nonprofit outreach? With all the noise out there-trillions of messages coming at you each day via ads, emails, texts, and tweets-it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Visuals can send information to the brain remarkably fast and mak… Read More

The Top 4 Tips for Nonprofit Video Projects 

February 6, 2014

By: Melissa Raimondi

As a filmmaker with more than 30 years of professional experience, I have witnessed the ability of film to get to the heart of a message, faster, and more powerfully than any other medium. That is why I am passionate about helping nonprofits use film to their best advantage. Here are my top four tips… Read More

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