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Network for Good Gives Back to YOU on #GivingTuesday 

November 26, 2017

By: Lisa Bonanno

Let’s get this party started! November 28 is the Big Event for nonprofits around the world: #GivingTuesday, or as we like to think of it, the kick-off to year-end fundraising. Held every year during the week after Thanksgiving, #GivingTuesday is when we open our hearts and wallets for the benefit of those in need. Th… Read More

5 Crowdfunding Lessons You Can Put Into Action Right Now 

February 25, 2015

By: Iris Sutcliffe

Want to test the crowdfunding waters? Instead of jumping in head first with, say, your big end-of-year annual appeal, try applying this quick and easy crowdfunding checklist to a targeted campaign. 1. Set a single goal. Rally donors around a single goal that’s relevant to your organization. Let’s use the example of… Read More

Where Are You in a Digital World? 

April 14, 2010

By: Network for Good

Online Fundraising Change #1: Get Online if You’re Not Already There Do you know where your online donations are? In order to make the most of the technology and opportunities available today, your organization needs to have the basics of an online presence covered: A well-branded, easy-to-use website The ability… Read More

11 Steps to Success, 6 Things to Avoid 

March 15, 2010

By: Network for Good

Buzzwords like “Twitter followers,” “fan pages” and “widgets” have been swarming around the nonprofit sector for some time now. But what do they actually mean for your organization’s bottom line? How do you effectively harness the array of social networking tools to supercharge your fundraising and advoca… Read More

Twitter Fundraising: Holy Grail or Fail Whale? 

April 27, 2009

By: Network for Good

Download the MP3 audio recording, transcript, free e-book and presentation slides below! Everybody’s talking about Twitter and its potential for online fundraising, but is anyone actually raising money with it? What are the key success factors shared by nonprofits who have used Twitter successfully? Where do nonp… Read More

Five Things We’re Forgetting When We Take Our Fundraising Online 

March 25, 2009

By: Network for Good

Visit your organization’s website; read the last email you sent to your enewsletter list; and, think about that Facebook page you started.  Now use these five principles as a checklist to ensure that you’re getting the most effective bang for your online budget and applying your offline-fundraising skills … Read More


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