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From Nonprofit Social Media Strategist to Social Media Change Agent and Beyond 

April 5, 2009

By: Network for Good

This is a wonderful slideshow from Danielle Brigida from National Wildlife Federation who is responsible social media strategy implementation. She’s the person behind the NWF Twitter presence.  I caught her newest slideshow and it is an introduction to social media for NWF staff. (Discovered another link about t… Read More

Social Media for Social Causes Study: The Results 

March 30, 2009

By: Network for Good

While the social web has been a fantastic place for nonprofits to harness the long tail of giving with movements like Twestival and the Case Foundation’s Giving Challenge, high dollar donor cultivation has not been prevalent. The goal of our Community Philanthropy 2.0 survey one month ago was to determine whether the… Read More

10 Twitter Tips for Nonprofit Organizations 

March 18, 2009

By: Network for Good

Newsweek said it best: “Suddenly, all the world is a-Twitter.” Simple and powerful, Twitter is a must for nonprofit organizations. I created and manage a portal to nonprofits on Twitter @nonprofitorgs and based on my experience using site, I have crafted ten of my favorite Twitter Tips for beginners: 1. Aut… Read More

Membership 2.0: A Socially Networked Museum Membership 

March 10, 2009

By: Network for Good

Membership organizations looking for ways to entice constituents who have demonstrated an interest in their organization but haven’t made the commitment to join are sure to find inspiration from the Brooklyn Museum, which recently launched a socially networked museum membership called 1stfans. Brooklyn Museum lau… Read More

Creating an Online Video Strategy 

February 16, 2009

By: Network for Good

Download the slides & MP3 audio recording below! Why is YouTube so compelling? What does user-generated content mean? How can (and why should) nonprofits of all sizes consider breaking into the world of video to tell their stories? Gala dinner videos are no longer enough. You need a new paradigm to be able to use… Read More

11 Steps to Social Networking Success (Hampton Roads) 

February 9, 2009

By: Network for Good

On February 6, 2009, I had the honor to present at the 8th Annual Hampton Roads Institute for Nonprofit Leadership Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. At the bottom of this article is a PDF copy of the slides for this presentation.… Read More

Write for Fundraising123! 

December 14, 2008

By: Network for Good

Network for Good welcomes submissions of bylined contributions from guest authors. If you are interested in joining our more than 100 contributors on a one-time or regular basis, here are some guidelines: Articles should be original material that hasn’t been published previously. Include your byline, a brief bio … Read More

The Long Snail: Why the Nonprofit Sector Needs to Get Moving Online 

October 23, 2008

By: Network for Good

Below are the slides from the live training hosted October 7, 2008 in San Francisco, CA by Stacie Mann at the ArtsReach Marketing and Development Conference.… Read More

How to Build Relationships and Achieve Fundraising Success in a Web 2.0 World 

October 10, 2008

By: Network for Good

Presented October 10, 2008 at the The Technology in the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh. Download the slides [PDF] below. Social networking tools like Facebook, MySpace and blogs were the hot topic of the past year. So are they worth your time?  How can you fundraise successfully with Web 2.0?  Does using the Internet … Read More

ePhilanthropy Code of Ethics 

September 21, 2008

By: Network for Good

Network for Good exists to foster the effective and safe use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes.  In its effort to promote high ethical standards in online fundraising and nonprofit marketing, and to build trust among contributors in making online transactions and contributions with the charity of their choice… Read More

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