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The Key to an Amazing Nonprofit Fundraising Appeal: The Power of One

It’s a busy time of year–for you and your donors. To get the most out of the effort you’re putting into your campaigns, it’s important to focus in on the key elements in your nonprofit fundraising appeal that will move supporters to act and give before the ball drops on nonprofit fundraising appeal. Your mission: to stand out, inspire, then ask.

A really effective way to do this is to rely on the “power of one,” a trick I learned many years ago from my friend and mentor (and amazing marketing maven), Katya Andresen.  What does this mean? It means when you create a message for your year-end fundraising campaign, focus on one person, one problem, and one point.

One person.

To get donors to give, you need to hook them with emotion. The best way to do that is through a story that brings your work to life and touches your supporters’ heart. Keep in mind that the most effective stories feature one individual in need. Donors give more when they feel they’re helping another person to whom they can relate. This has been called the “identifiable victim effect” or “singularity effect.” Research has shown that people donate more when they can identify with one person in need. This is how a donor can truly connect to your work and understand the impact their gift can have. People can’t connect emotionally with abstract concepts or large masses.

One problem.

Your organization might be solving many problems. Your mission might be to tackle a huge issue, like hunger or homelessness. However, to get donors to take action, you need to frame that problem in a way that they feel like their gift can help. This means focusing in on just one issue and making sure that it’s tangible enough that they can affect it. Donors may feel overwhelmed and helpless if you’re asking them to solve multiple problems at once–or if they feel like there is no way they can create change as an individual donor.

One point.

Keep your appeals (and all materials in your campaign) centered around one key point–and one clear call to action. People who are passionate about your cause can get involved in many ways, but the key call to action in December should be DONATE. Save your requests for volunteers and event invites for January. Create a strong call to action that tells your donor exactly what they should do and why they need to do it now. Strengthen your fundraising call to action with these tips.

Make it easy for your donors to connect with and care about your story by making it simple for them to understand. It’s tempting to write a “kitchen sink” appeal but resist this urge. You’ll have far better results when you keep your appeal on ground level.

Remember:  your nonprofit fundraising appeal is not simply the letter or email you send asking for money–it’s the entire experience of giving. If you don’t have a consistent and seamless experience that makes it easy for your donor to give and feel good about giving, get in touch. We can help you make the most of your year-end campaign with smarter fundraising software that gets resultsSchedule your personal demo today.

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