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The Savvy Nonprofit’s Guide to Staying Ahead of Giving Trends

The Savvy Nonprofit's Guide to Staying Ahead of Giving Trends

There’s no shortage of fundraising statistics and benchmarks out there. And if you’re a small nonprofit with limited resources, some of those stats are pretty concerning – for example, Giving USA’s most recent annual report reveals that overall giving is down 1.7%. Individual giving has also dropped by 3.4%.  

It’s tempting to read statistics like this and panic – surely this is bad news for your nonprofit, right?  

Fundraising benchmarks are often a source of worry for smaller organizations that have just started fundraising, don’t have a large donor base, or don’t yet have access to fundraising software. They feel as though they’ll never catch up!  

Sometimes, when a fundraising team comes across a scary statistic or benchmark, one of two things happens: they feel too overwhelmed to do anything about it, or they jump with both feet and no plan into whatever the latest trend is.  

That’s why Network for Good created The Savvy Nonprofit’s Guide to Staying Ahead of Giving Trends.  

Download the free eGuide to learn: 

  • Why you should pay attention to trends and benchmarks 
  • How to separate fads from trends 
  • How to put giving trends to work for your nonprofit 
  • How to check your progress 

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in the eGuide. Download your free copy here!

5 Giving Trends to Watch for in 2020

1. GivingTuesday is growing exponentially.

In 2018, organizations raised $380 million dollars online during GivingTuesday, up 38% from 2017. 

2. Move over, millennials: Gen Z is entering the workforce. 

This new audience segment is characterized by a deep desire to make a difference in the world and its ability to tell when an organization is being inauthentic.  

3. Email is growing. 

An Adobe study found that 61% percent of consumers would rather hear from a company by email than by any other channel.  

4. Transparency matters more than ever. 

These days, donors want to know how their money is being used. Nonprofits are strengthening their relationships with supporters by sharing more information than ever before.  

5. Mobile matters. 

Mobile device usage continues to rise in every age range, and the philanthropic sector isn’t untouched: 75% of millennials report using a mobile device to look up information about a cause and generally respond best to text messages over other channels. 

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