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Who’s Your Nonprofit BFF?

Network for Good has the pleasure of working with brilliant experts in the nonprofit sector. And they definitely know their stuff. From social media to donor appreciation these experts have wowed us with their blog posts and insightful webinars. They’ve challenged us with their ideas and inspired us (And you too, I’m sure!) to be more thoughtful and responsible nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, and more.

These experts are also our friends, we’ve met them at conferences and collaborated with them for webinars. And they are so cool that we want them to be your friends too! Take our quiz and find out who your nonprofit BFF is!

Disclaimer:  I couldn’t include ALL our friends so this quiz includes just 5 Nonprofit BFFs: Lynne, Nancy, Caryn, John, and Farra. I hope that in future fun quizzes, I can include even more experts for you to meet and fall in love with!


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