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Why P2P Fundraising Works

Why P2P Fundraising Works

The power of social media, combined with access to personal networks and the ease of online giving, combine to make peer-to-peer fundraising one of the most effective ways for organizations to increase donations. Today’s digital tools and communication platforms make it easy for supporters to raise money on their favorite organizations’ behalf. Nonprofits that are empowering their supporters to become fundraising partners are reaping the rewards of increased revenue and a wider donor base.

Why Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Works

Peer-to-peer fundraising has a few unique characteristics that make it especially effective.

1) P2P Fundraising is Based on a Two-Way Relationship

Traditional fundraising appeals are typically one-sided: an organization is promoting a mission or a project and inviting people to give. Peer-to-peer campaigns are based on existing relationships between an organization’s supporters and their friends, family, and colleagues. The campaigns put the message in the words of the person who is most likely to prompt a donation—someone the audience knows personally.

2) Fundraising Partners are Authentic Messengers

A personal fundraiser is considered credible by the people they know. Your fundraising partners have rapport with people who may be slow to trust organizations otherwise. As advocates, they can more easily cut through the noise and distractions that are vying for people’s attention, and prompt potential donors to act.

3) The Message is More Personal from a Fundraising Partner

Stories from people we know feel more personal and authentic than those we hear from an organization. They are more trustworthy, and they inspire us to act. One of the main reasons peer-to-peer fundraising is so powerful is because your fundraising partners are sharing why they personally care about your mission.

4) Social Norms are Powerful Motivators

We are all influenced by the opinions and actions of our friends, family, and colleagues. We want to feel like we belong; like we’re part of a group. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to establish a social norm of giving. When we see our friends, family, and extended networks come together to support a good cause, we’re motivated to join them.

Concepts for peer-to-peer campaigns are limited only by your creativity. The primary requirement is that they connect with your supporters’ passion for your cause.

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