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A Quick Look at Year-End Giving Data

How was your year-end fundraising season?

At Network for Good, we’re pleased to report growth in all major giving metrics from 2015 and in December. Here’s a brief teaser of our full Digital Giving Index which will be released in the coming weeks. (All stats come from 2015 donation data from the Network for Good platform.)

December Giving Pie Chart

December Still Matters

It’s no surprise that we continue to see December be the heavyweight champion of fundraising months. Nearly 30% of all of last year’s dollars came in during the last month of the year. (That said, there’s still a whole lot of giving that happens all year round, so it’s important to have a holistic fundraising strategy for the other 11 months. Need a plan? Download our free template to get started.)


The Last Three Days Dominate

If December is the big slice of the pie for the year’s giving, consider the last three days to be the whipped cream on top. December 29, 30, and 31 accounted for 11% of the year’s total Generous Procrastinators Pie Chartdonations. Viva procrastination!


The Biggest Giving Day of the Year: December 31

Even with the growth of #GivingTuesday and other cause- and region-specific giving days, the biggest “giving day” of the year continues to be December 31st. With $15M in donations coming from 40,000 donors, these gifts are driven by the sense of urgency, tax incentives, and maybe a bit of good cheer.


Of course, with all of that activity, the key challenge for fundraisers will be to properly steward these donors to retain and grow them over time. The first step:  a really great thank you.

For another look at online giving trends, be sure to try out the interactive tool offered by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, powered by Network for Good donation data.

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